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    Could someone help me with the menu keys?

    I got it working with the following:


    I cannot get the table to exit with my normal exit button on my cabinet. I do not see exit table as an option in the keys. Is there something else I need to do?

    any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

    Exit-Key is defined at your vpx-configuration. It has nothing to do with launcher.

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    hi great app tested around 15 table but 2 of them dont show in the launcher is there a way to manualy put them… and is there a way to add art for the cabinet that do not have art in the menu thank you


    In the Script part of the vpx-vrlauncher.vpx is a table-array. Perhaps the filenames of the 2 missing tables are not matching.
    If you like the autoupdate feature, you should change filenames – not the table array. Otherwise you can completely customize the vpx-vrlauncher.vpx.
    How to create images is described at the download-page. There is a template-download for better placing the image-parts.


    I can’t use launch vpx-launcher anymore. Maybe last update?
    When I press left/right flipper to change table within launcher, this error is shown:
    Line 1663
    subindex out of range number -15
    Any idea? I’ve reinstalled vpx-vrlauncher withour sucess.

    If you download zip and turn off autoupdate – you can check, if it’s the latest update.
    But i don’t think so. You should take a look at your pinball-table folder and it’s setup.
    Perhaps the path is not ok or there is a problem within the folder.


    When downloading this (, this file has viruses:




    Scanned this on a few virus scanners and they all show this. This file came from your link, that then redirects to “”. Please verify! I would really like to install this.

    Please read previous posts.


    This is the new home of vr-launcher:

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    I like the addition of the full file name below the active table to differentiate duplicates in v2.9.

    Since the AHK-scripts seem to trigger the antivirus flagging, and since your providing updates of the VPX file anyway. Why not just release a version of the VPX-VRLauncher that doesn’t auto update and we can just update the VPX file when released? I’m assuming that the AHK-scripts are only used for the auto update functionality. This would provide the time necessary if you were to need to re-code the projects exe with another development tool.

    I really enjoy your front end for VR and can’t thank you enough for your time and expertise! :good: :heart:


    If it’s only for autoupdate you’re right. But the exe makes more: It launches the tables and launches the menutable, it is important for vrlauncher to work. It does the stuff that is missing in the original vpx-exe.

    If you get nervous because the anti-virus program sounds an alarm, you should delete my launcher. As mentioned before all older releases make the same alarm. So not the code is different, the antivirus-tool is acting different. Because i have a working system with my vrlaucher – under no circumstance i will code this tool in another coding-language to prevent this alarming. I hope you understand me.

    If you are still interested in the vr-launcher, you can pm me or meet me at vr pinball facebook.





    I just turned on my CAB to play some VPX VR and Windows 10 defender flagged the version 2.5 VPX-VRlauncher.exe as a trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B rated severe and removes the file.

    Must be do to a Defender security update It’s been installed since you first released it and it never flagged it before.

    Do you think it’s seeing your auto update code and mistaking it for a trojan?

    If I use your latest 2.9 release will that stop the auto updating?

    No, 2.9 is still with autoupdate.


    Don’t change anything significant.

    VB-Script is inside the vpx-table – that’s true.
    Don’t know, what happend.

    Can you please check some of the older releases, if it’s the same there?

    Perhaps the autoupdate is now a problem for anitivirus.
    It patches VB-Script code inside the vpx.

    It looks like the exe (compiled autohotkey script) is now flagged by these tools.
    I checked it with any of my AHK-scripts – all flagged.
    Even without autoupdate!
    To solve this, i need to recode the projects exe with another development tool.

    Sorry, i’m far away from doing this.


    Looking at this launcher, one question though: I use a fully fledged pincab, and wanted to add capability for VR tables (since all the rest is already setup).

    My main front end is Pinup Popper.

    My original intent was to create an playlist for VR tables, and adjust launch parameters as appropriate.

    This laucher offers a nice alternative, but to be convenient in my setup it needs to be able to be launched from Popper, so far so good that should be straightforward.

    What is not straightforward is how do you manage “exit” table. I have an “exit” button mapped, so whenever it’s pressed the emulator is killed an Popper is lauched again. What is therefore the exit key defined in this launcher, how do you define it ? Can it be set as a combination of two buttons ? Or should I use my Pinscape and define an alternate “exit” button using the”shift” capability of Pinscape key encoder ?

    The launcher has no exit button. Vpx has one to quit tables. If you press it at a pinball-table vpx quits and my launcher starts the menu-table. If you press the vpx-exit button at my menu-table, the launcher will be closed.


    Thank for your answer, but this is only a copy of the keys naming, but I don’t know how to change keys.

    As example, I attached a screenshot. I put “StartGameKey” into the field and press “set key” put nothing happened if I try to set the “Start Button”. Should something happened if I press “set keys”?

    I do the changes no into the file “vpx-vrlauncher.vpx”, but I still try to understand the buttons from the vpx-vrlauncher.

    My menu-table uses 5 keys.

    In the launcher you can define them. 5 values separated with “,”.


    I have some trouble with the key settings. I try to change the “start table button” but it not work. The start button of my cab in linked to the key “1”, but if I press the start button into the vpx launcher I see always a white “2” (I try it also into a txt document and if I press the start button I see “1”). I must start tables always with the plunger button and cannot start tables with the start button.

    So, I try to use the vpx-vrlauncher button “set keys” but I don’t know how it works. How can I change start button from “plunger button” to “start button”? Please a noob description :-)

    If you want the default keys (magnasave,flipperkeys and plunger) leave this at “default” or “reverse” (without quotes). If you want to setup your own decimal key codes you can get them from vpx registry or with my debugkeys option. You can also use vpx key constants like “LeftFlipperKey”, “PlungerKey” or “RightMagnaSave”.

    I see this description from the first page, but cannot find the keys into the registry an don’t know how to change keys.

    Thanks for a details explanation in advance :-)

    Left Flipper – LeftFlipperKey
    Right Flipper – RightFlipperKey
    LMagnaSave – LeftMagnaSave
    RMagnaSave – RightMagnaSave
    Start Game – StartGameKey
    Add Credit – AddCreditKey
    Add Credit 2 – AddCreditKey2
    Plunger – PlungerKey
    Left Nudge – LeftTiltKey
    Fwd Nudge – CenterTiltKey
    Right Nudge – RightTiltKey
    Mech Tilt – MechanicalTilt

    Pinmame (only working, if pinmame is active):
    EB Buyin – KeyFront
    Coin 3 – keyInsertCoin3
    Coin 4 – keyInsertCoin4
    Door – keyCoinDoor
    Mech Tilt – keyBangBank


    This is the bees knees! I am having a problem keeping steamVR running. I start VR-launcher it asked to start steamVR it works as it should. Then I pick a table and it runs in the background. But steamVR is not running the table in the headset I can play the table and hear the sound but stem is not running the VpinballX_GL in vr mode. Is there some setting I am not doing right? I am so close! this is the last piece of the puzzle I need to have a full VR pinball experience. Thanks for any advice! And Thanks for making this possible!

    You should try setting “vr enabled” instead of “vr autodetect” in vr options of vpinballx_gl.

    If you have an Oculus device: You should use OpenComposite instead of steam vr!

    Andrew posted a good tutorial in our facebook group:

    1. Install OpenComposite as you normally would by simply replacing openvr_api.dll in your Visual Pinball folder with the one from the OC website. Delete the original or rename it in case you want to revert.
    2. Create a new text file in the same folder called opencomposite.ini and inside it simply add the line enableAudio=false

    View post on


    Ok, i’ve included an image.
    Thank you


    Before approval you have to put a screenshot with it

    Oh, that’s difficult, because there is nothing to show.
    I can show you a screenshot of the tray icon.
    It’s a helper tool working in background.


    So that’s what the hold on top checkbox is for! :good: uncheck it to keep the settings window open to make changes then recheck it and restart!

    Are you saying that my changing the exit time to 20 seconds in the script will keep my setup from updating?

    Yes, like described in the installation hint:
    “If you want autoupdate working you should NOT touch these files.”

    I can only patch my original files bitwise.
    Without autoupdate you can make your own script like before.


    since the changes listed in the launcher window seem to have to be done in the launcher window instead of the script. I found that if I increase the delay to close option in the script to 20 seconds, it allows enough time to type into the field “Reverse” for the keys assignment, and then hit the Keys button to register it. I like the reverse direction option better.. Thanks for a great front end for VPX-VR.

    If you want autoupdate working, you should not edit the script of the menu room anymore. If I want to change the settings, I uncheck the hold player on top and change everything I want while vpx is launched. Then I check the hold on top checkbox again and restart.

    But if you setup the 20 seconds once, it will be stored in registry, so you don’t need to set this up again. ;)


    Im border line slow obviously since I cant seem to figure this out! Cant find the file: vpinballx_gl.exe? Installed 2.4a into my vis pinball table, confused as to where to go from here or what else to get! Appreciate the help

    If you have played vpx in VR, you have installed vpvr. If you have installed vpvr (10.6), you will have a file named vpinballx_gl.exe in your visual pinball folder.


    You need to understand the logic of table-matching:

    1. You set up the table path e.g. “C:\vp\vr-tables\”
    2. If you start my exe, my loaded menu will check for all *.vpx files inside the table path.
    3. In next step each table of the table array of all existing tables will be checked against parts of your filenames.
      e.g. “The Shadow” will check against existens of “the” and “shadow” in the filename.
    4. If there is a file “xxxxx The Shadow – (xxxxxx) xx xxxxx.vpx” this will be a match for this table and this table will be shown selectable.
    5. That’s it.

    Have fun!


    Hey B4sti. Finally got around to loading this up today. Super cool interface!

    I have the same problem as Slydog. Tables refuse to launch and simply crash VPX. To use your most recent version, do I need to go through my tables folder and change each filename to match the names in your script?

    In the meantime, thanks for your recommendation to try version 1.4

    Totally appreciate your work!

    Crashing the loading-process sound like your table-path is not correct.


    Started playing around with this again and love the new look, much nicer I think. I can’t seem to get it to launch any table though. I always get an error saying can’t load table xyz.vpx. xyz seems ok though. I started briefly looking through the code and was wondering if it would be possible to force table names somehow. I think its your file matching stuff that doesn’t work with my long table names, but not sure. Or maybe a way to find out more about the error loading table dialog box? Thanks

    If you want filenames, go with version 1.4.

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