• Decals arrived today from retrorefurbs.com

    Well packaged in a solid cardboard tube, decals wrapped in paper & bubble wrap, no rips or tears. A few creases but they will iron out easily.
    Took 4 weeks from order to delivery.

    They look a bit ‘washed out’ in these photos (there was a lot of sun shining in on them – it’s very warm here in the UK…[Read more]

  • Hi Everyone

    I’m pretty new to this, but wanted to express some thanks the only way I really can, by documenting my UK build.
    Hopefully it will be of some help (UK based or otherwise) – please feel free to ask any questions, request further info and I’ll do my best to answer.

    Tips, comments and advice are most welcome too please.

    Posted my intro…[Read more]

  • Mozzie wrote:
    is there a place here where it can show you how to upload the games but in a very basic step by step way starting with the more simpler games the slowly advancing as I’m a little nervous when you start getting into the programs and am worried I may do something and it will not be fixed 😮😳…

    For a quick starter Mozzie – it’s not exa…[Read more]

  • Hi Everyone

    Love the site and all the resources.
    And, very importantly, seems an extremely helpful and knowledgeable place to hang out.

    I’ve enjoyed real pinball since I was very young (recall having to stand on a chair to play in a local arcade, and could only just reach both flippers at the same time)!
    Then, of course, playing Pinball Dreams…[Read more]

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