• Wierd science bit problem.


    I was playing The Machine. Bride of Pinbot, last night and hit the Grand Champion High score. Then like a spoiled child, when I come to play on it today, it wont run, says “Pinball Missing” I assume that the table needs to be reset by deleting the highscore / credits file, or is there some kind of hidden device code…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    So what your saying is you initially set it up for use in Future Pinball using that installation, now when you try using Visual Pinball it doesnt want to work. Am I correct in that?

    The system is pretty much a DirectX ports system, regardless of its shape. From the product description it appears so. Have you gone through the button…[Read more]

  • Diguelo started the topic Flying ball in the forum Visual Pinball Discussion 1 month ago

    Ive started to make a table and decided to use the New-Empty Table template. Then I noticed a problem with ball shadow. On the left side of the table the ball takes off as the shadow is off to its left (see picture). This is just as the ball is rolling from the top of the table down it. On the right it seems to be alright, its as though its…[Read more]

  • Diguelo appreciated the Project MetallicaVPin 1 month ago

  • Nudge hardware, please define exactly what it is you are using to provide the info to the PC. Is it an accelerometer based board or some other form of movement detection, (ball on a string).

    As for reorganising your controllers into priority use the Game Controller interface  to assign priority. If that fails let this thread know.

    Multi…[Read more]

  • That was my assumption, but I have found other issues that may be compromising the editor integrity.

    However, for the short term, the program has been fully uninstalled,obviously backing up the folder to reinstall Tables, Roms, Music, NVram. I have NOT saved all the highscores and other data in the User folder. Yes I know they are text files, but…[Read more]

  • Thanks all for your help.

    The properties window that opens with the editor turned out to be one of the editing features that had turned itself on. So that one is fixed.

    However the windowed mode doesnt work. Ive gone through all the settings in Video and tried them all checked and unchecked. I shall await the answers to my questions before reinstallaing.

  • Thats what used to happen on mine. And now I have yet another twist to the tale

    A properties window now opens up with the editor every time and it been turned off on the control box so you cant close it. Im going to look at the code and see what exactly is going on here, things just dont make any sesne, (thats sense but seems to be what im…[Read more]

  • As for the windowed mode, I had one initially, made it easy for sliding windows around on the two screen setup Im using. However, wierd or not, I now dont have a windowed selection.

    Video GTX 970 is always updated on the day of driver release, its a never ending battle with Microsoft changes and new game releases. The windows 10 installation is…[Read more]

  • I use the latest VP Editor to play the table downloads I have. I dont use front ends, (even though Im developing s imple one).

    This arrangement has worked fine until today. Microsoft updates to 1903 last night now every table I have tried (around 50 at random) all come up as rotated on my 2nd monitor. (See image)

    Ive checked my settings and none…[Read more]

  • No heres the bottom of my video resolutions list.

    There are NO window mode listings.

    There used to be, but now this is all I have. I dont want to start messing around in someone elses code unless its vital that it happens.

    This is my Options below. Which brings me back to the original post of (see top start comment)

  • This is why Im asking if there should be a windowed mode and if not then can one be added. All the resolutions I have are for JUST full screen resolution, there are no specific Windowed mode resolutions or a check box for same.

    As you have answered my question, I will amend the main code I downloaded from Github and make an updated version for me…[Read more]

  • Probably I didnt make it clear enough.


    So about 6 weeks r so ago. I decided to start playing instead of watching. I downloaded the


    It works great for playing all the tables. However, when it was first installed it had one screen resolution listed that was a Windowed Mode. Since last weeks Microsoft we are going to change Windows 10 for…[Read more]

  • Delete it then if the editors no longer used. Bad post.

  • Do you run pinup with Administrator rights?

    Not doing so it may have the write to disk blocked if its installed on the main PC drive C:

  • When I installed this editor 10.6. beta, there isnt an option to provide a windowed output, is this an oversight or am I missing a setting. When I first joined I used 10.6.1  now ive lost the window mode option that was in the resolutions list.

    I have the Beta code listing and am able to add it in myself, but I dont want to break the chain of…[Read more]

  • Hi Guys.

    New Windows 10 installations have one major thing in common which you both seem to suffer with. Updates. Use your “Check windows Updates” and install all the latest stuff. Yes it takes a whiole and yes the feature packs are a pain, currently im on 1903.

    Once your all up to date theres a couple of downloads I highly recommend as a…[Read more]

  • Your not the only person that suffers DMD display issues.

    I also have followed the advice in this post and on some, not all tables the DMD just isnt on either screen (2 Monitor setup one horizontal (main) One portrait (game and coding)) The dmd when I look for it on the editor layout is way out there on some tables so when the tables loaded it…[Read more]

  • Thanks for clearing that one up for me. Much appreciated.

    (walks off mumbling about 500 plus camera setups etc. )


    :bye: :good:

  • Having seen and read the camera tutorial a question arises.

    If you alter the camera angles for one table does this affect ALL your tables or just the settings for the one you altered.

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