• Apologies to all for the delay in responding and thanks for trying to keep me in the loop.

    Anyone may take the table in any direction they choose without my approval.  As mentioned, the table was created for my wife and she continues to be pleased with the result; so yes, the important mission for me was accomplished.

    It is also clear that the…[Read more]

  • I wish I would have tried downloading them one by one.  Having them disappear forever was not my goal I thought some smart fella would know what to do to fix the 404 issue.


  • Hi,

    I’m getting a 404 error trying to download the “Vaas DMD and or Topper Images for front end”.

    Just letting those who need to know such things, know.



  • roccodimarco – the setup assumed three screens and as you have already figured out the solution is to turn off the topper and dmd.  TerryRed has also pointed out that it would be better to have the topper off by default anyway.  More items for the next version.

  • The holiday family fun has dissipated … hopefully yours went as well …

    Dazz – If you have a ball image you would prefer be used, this is something that can be set up as an option.  Since it is coupled with the image of the monkey, there is some minor mods to make. Either put an image in a reply or send a pm.

    SpamIsFor… – Nice catch. The…[Read more]

  • ckpin replied to the topic WoZ WIP in the forum Visual Pinball Table WIP'S 2 years ago

    RandR – The absence of a support topic was a mistake; guess more uploading practise needed.

    The Loafer –  The table could use some performance improvements; any suggestions will be incorporated. Definitely need to pursue some higher resolution plastics.  Thanks.

  • https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/woz-original-2018/

    THANKS to all who have and continue to make VP a blast to play & mod!
    Known contributors to this table include:  Embee, JPSalas, mfuegemann,
    STAT, Sliderpoint, Tarcisio, SnakeEyes Friex,  Dark, and Bigus1.
    EmBee also made this release (2020.03.14) possible.

  • Apologies for not helping here on the support side.   Definitely appreciate the efforts by others (e.g. The Loafer) to help each other out.

    Presently I am working with Tarcisio who is essentially redoing the backglass and EmBee who is wroking on some more videos as well as trying to fill in some holes in the game.  This has left little time fo…[Read more]

  • Woz WIP Update (updated link plus an additional link in the first post)  …

    There are changes to the vpx file and the addition of a PUPpack to be placed in PUPpack/PupVideos/woz_original directory.

    The updated version of the previous link does not include the PUPpack and a constant in the table script (line 182 Const PUPpack) is set to…[Read more]

  • Capp:

    The csv file was only included in case anyone wanted to add/change something in the backglass. It delineates the images and their associated layer.

    fancisco bambino:

    Yes. the table should be making noises on the ramps.  In the most recent link, most of the table sounds are directed to the table (e.g. playfield speakers) while the other…[Read more]

  • New Woz WIP Update (updated link in first post) …

    There are now Hi-Res playfields (thanks to Sliderpoint) that more accurately reflect the table size,
    a Tilt fix, sound location corrections and other minor tweaks. Thanks for the feedback.

    Next area of focus are videos for the backglass (with Nailbuster PupPlayersupport and offers of videos…[Read more]

  • Definitely overwhelmed by the response … thanks to all for the interest.  Of course there can be no other choice now than to take this further.  Here’s the plan …

    Sliderpiont has supplied hi-res versions of all three playfields and the flippers that are on the actual game.  He also pointed out that the current version is not the correct si…[Read more]

  • The Loafer:

    Thanks for the feedback.  Yes the textures need work along with the witch model; calling myself a blender noob would be gracious.  Without access to an actual machine  everything has been done from what is available on the internet.  This is definitely an area where some collaboration or guidance would help.


    There are…[Read more]

  • Nailbuster:

    Although in a lurking mode, I have been playing with PinUP player.  Looks like really good stuff. Unfortunately it has not been successfully installed on my system yet (still going through posts and documentation); however, the connections possible (as demonstrated by TerryRed and Tron) between gameplay and backglass seem like a…[Read more]

  • Thalmus:

    Given how meticulous your testing has been, looking forward to what you find.  There is an option in the table script (explained in comments) that offers an attempt at doing automated testing.  It’s primitive, but has helped me considerably. Any ideas you have on how to extend or make this better could be very helpful.  Thanks.

  • STAT:

    Saw your reply after the reply below yours.  Since it was your work with diablo that inspired this backglass managerie all help with defining the paramters governing its size would probably help others the most.  There is actually more I would like to add as well.  In the zip file is a “csv” file listing all the elements (450+) and their re…[Read more]

  • jodannar:

    Thanks for the interest and testing.

    The backglass is very large and takes a while to load and if it is too big for your machine it will not load.  The size was reduced already so it would load on my desktop (W7-i7, 16GB, GTX  660, 3-monitors).  Using the 4GB patch on the backglass server would also allow for a larger sized ba…[Read more]

  • This table and backglass are playable (on my desktop and cab) using VPX 10.5.  Some of the reasons why it’s a WIP include:

    • The backglass file size is at its max and there is still more gameplay to add (e.g. SOTR end game).  The whole backglass approach may also need restructuring. (EDIT  20181025 – Need to use the 4G patch on backglass se…

    [Read more]

  • Thanks Terry.

    I love your pup packs, drooling like an alien in anticipation…lol

    So I found the problem I was using DMDExt 1.7.0  not 1.7.1   once I got it updated things starting working.  I also found out what happened with FX3 settings if you make changes off line they don’t stick at restart.

    It still won’t run the Aliens pup-pack from PBX…[Read more]

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