• iwantchipz replied to the topic 1st build 32"/24"/10" follow along! All input welcome! in the forum Cabinet Builds 5 months, 1 week ago

    Got a few things finished on the cab! Put the graphics on, installed buttons and plunger / zebs digital v3 plunger. I’m using the “smart missile” button that was on the original Jurassic Park gun as a Launch Ball button. I was going to purchase the actual gun but figured it was a little too big for my cab. Still a lot to do but some progress has been made.




    • Very nice! So many questions!
      How did your graphic card work out with your playfield framerates? Are you getting your 1080p w/ 144hz?

      What is the height of the front part of your table ie bottom of table to top of lockdown bar?

      See if you can post some videos when you’re done. Would be good to see your complete table in action with backglass amd everything. Looks great!

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