• @Thalamus oh I know, I’ve already done it. I was just trying to say that everything is so spot on out of the box, that that was really the only thing I could think that I’d want to change. IE I didn’t have to touch the POV, or lighting which is something I have to do on a lot of tables.

  • Wow.. I didn’t even know this table existed before. I just checked it out and it is absolutely amazing. One of the best looking tables on my cabinet AND it’s really really FUN! I had plenty of tables I ended up removing because they just weren’t any fun, but this one I can already see being played quite a bit by me. Very well done with a huge…[Read more]

  • Thanks so much outhere! That does it! I’ve only ever exported/imported things in the sound manager and always wandered what Toggle BG Out meant. Also never even noticed that column before for “output”, I can see they are all set for Table. I’ll go through and figure out which ones need changing and tweaking them. Thanks again, would have never…[Read more]

  • Amazing table, just loaded this up today. Plays fantastic and looks great. The only issue I have is with SSF. The music and sounds seem to want to come out of my under-playfield speakers (rear channel) instead of the backglass (front-channel). This is the only table I’ve ever had this issue with so zero clue what to do. Is there something I need…[Read more]


    So I started looking through the script again and noticed some key presses assigned for music. On a whim I just loaded it up and hit the 9 key (at least I think it was that), and the DMD updated and said Volume 1 and I could instantly hear music. Hitting 8 key set it back to Volume 0. Weird because I’ve never had to do that with any other…[Read more]

  • I did compare and they seem to be the same file names. Although in the script section I saw for music, there was only like 23 or so filenames, but their are 35 from the install. Guessing those are just used elsewhere or no longer used? I just downloaded things from your link up above. It was on Google Drive and about 3GB for everything. Downloaded…[Read more]

  • I hand’t but did just try, and it’s already maxed out. The first time I ran the table it did prompt me to download some .NET framework updates which I did, not sure if that messed something up or not, so I just tried another Ultra DMD table (Masters of the Universe) and that one still played all the audio correctly so guessing not related to that.…[Read more]

  • Yep, there are no subfolders in my /Visual Pinball/Music/ folder, just hundreds of mp3’s from all of my ultra DMD games. No errors or anything while playing (once I nipped the windows defender error). All sound effects sound fine, attract mode plays audio (but guessing that’s from the PuP-Pack) just nothing during playing the table other than…[Read more]

  • Just downloaded Champions League St. Pauli edition. Had the permission denied error like others, but turned off Windows Defender and got to play. The table is absolutely amazing and the PuP-Pack is great too.

    However. While sound effects and such play, I’m getting no music whatsoever. I placed all of the 35 music mp3 files in my Visual…[Read more]

  • Wow, this is a huge improvement over the previous version I had. This is right up there with the Addams Family remake. Absolutely stunning in every way and makes the game much more enjoyable for me. Amazing work to all involved!

  • Amazing job Frank! I know how much time you put in to this and I have a much better appreciation for how much work goes into these PuP-Packs that you and others create. Was happy to lend a hand (a very small one compared to what you did) and look forward to working on another with you in the future.

  • Amazing pack Trochjochel! This is now one of my favorite tables ever, the pack and OST music just really makes this table. I just can’t stop playing it. Best score over 500,000,000!. Really amazing work!

    This is a nitpick, but one of the things that bothered me was the quality of the overlay “paper border”. I’m a designer for a living and it just…[Read more]

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