• Howdy,

    I’m just now starting to learn to code tables. I’ve been trying follow along with videos I’ve found and started to dissect sample tables and old EM tables. I’m having trouble finding basic scripting for multiple players and for starting a game with credits etc. Does anyone have simple scripts for these things? or can point me in the right…[Read more]

  • Not sure why the video didn’t upload. Anyhow, I think I narrowed it down to my virtuapin nudge board. Once i unhooked it, my vpx tables work great. I’ll update this thread as I continue to troubleshoot it.

    Also huge thanks to this whole community in advance for all the help.


  • I recently updated to VPX 10.6 and started loading new tables on to my cabinet. (Cabinet has been mothballed for a while). The new VPX tables seem to have a weird ball “jump” or spin. Basically the ball acts erratically randomly. I don’t see this with my old vp9 tables. I’m attaching a short video to help demonstrate. Any ideas?




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