• I’m thrilled to report that Fusion 12 just came out (for free!) and fixes the problem.  The tables look perfect now.

  • Thanks a lot for this table.  It’s always been one of my favorites and it’s great to be able to play it again. As others have said, the lighting is really impressive on this table.  I’m still working out why I have table sound effects like solenoids, but no music or sound effects from Comet itself (like the music, fireworks or “Hey, Turkey!”).  …[Read more]

  • You’re spot on:  VMWare on a Mac.  I can live with it.  Pinball’s much more challenging when you can’t see the ball. :yahoo:

    I’ll be interested to see what the future will hold with Apple transitioning its Macs to their own custom-made chips.  My virtualization days might be over.

  • I saw a reference to this issue in one of the threads, but I can’t seem to locate it now.  On some of the tables, the ball leaves a trail of broken pixels.  It’s like a comet leaving pieces of itself behind wherever it travels.  Eventually, the ball become nearly invisible.  I’ve attached a photo of OXO, on which the problem is the most sev…[Read more]

  • Hey everyone.  I’ve been eyeing this site for many years and finally took the plunge.  It’s been a steep learning curve to get everything set up and running, but I’m glad I’ve taken the time.  People here have created some amazing tables. I’m really impressed with all the classic EM machines people have recreated.  The physics and graphics are rea…[Read more]

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