• randr replied to the topic Working on site part deux in the forum Site updates/News 1 year ago

    @brandonlaw i may try uninstalling nginx just to see what happens but i asked a member in florida if he was having slow downloads and he said no its fine so i still think its a network issue somewhere. Did you ever try connecting to your cellular hotspot and then try downloading something? For me its totally fine on cellular.

    • @raandr So…funny you ask. I’m actually a network engineer for VZW…I’m going to change my IP from my ISP first by reassigning a MAC to my router and see if that helps. It cleared up the routes to VPF I had about a year ago. Only site to have ever timed me out completely. I blamed Paul directly. (hehe kidding. Love Paul) I noticed in the trace that somewhere in Colorado my IP was denied from that site. Let me see if that fixes this sites woes. Again…it was really only this morning. Matter of fact, let’s see how it is now…stay tuned.

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