• I just got a real Vector machine the other day and yesterday my outhole kicker arm broke.   Fortunately have a new one coming in the mail, but so awesome to be able to continue my game play on this excellent table!   Thank you very much for everyone’s hard work!!    Also agree, the glass hit is really a nice addition.   It always makes me jump on…[Read more]

  • I love this table, amazing work. Probably need to message Angrim on DOF but replay knocker doesn’t fire when I get a replay. It goes off when credits are added just fine however so I know the knocker works. Is there a setting I can changge for this? Does stern use a different code for replay and I need to add a custom map in DOF to have…[Read more]

  • Hey look at that! Yep in portrait it works great to zoom. Landscape is the issue.

    I am content to view in portrait mode. :good:

    Thanks guys.

  • for consideration, to those who like to zoom in on a webpage to make it easier to read (aka me), appears the site layout of the header doesn’t scale nicely on the iPad. I have attached a pic to show what I see when I peruse the site.

    Not sure there is an option to change it yet thought I would ask. If not, no worries, I will just not use…[Read more]

  • Sneetch replied to the topic Introductions in the forum Welcome to VPINBALL.COM 5 years ago

    Well hello there! Stumbled across this site and low and behold I recognize many of the folks here! Of course I had to sign up too. Still learning all the ropes and getting my cab done but loving every minute of it (even the head scratch moments).

    Long live Vpinball.com! :yahoo:

  • Sneetch became a registered member 5 years ago