• I’ve been using PinballX as my primary front end only because recent user plugins have enabled loading videos, providing for a seamless transition between the FE and the actual table initialization.

    Now, with a very recent release of PinballY, that is now possible.  The downside is that it’s not a menu-option, but must be enabled with Javascript…[Read more]

  • What happened to the right slingshot plastic?  The image of the saluting girl got way worse than the previous version.


    EDIT: Looking at it several times suggests that maybe the image isn’t better per se, but actually more actuate.  The old image way have been cleaner and brighter, but looks like an artistic interpretation, a redraw.  I don’t know.

  • In PBX’s individual system options, for Visual Pinball, “Full Screen Exclusive Hack” is one of the configurable options, with Yes / No options to choose.

    I have to admit I’m not comprehending what the option is supposed to do.   I do run VPX in exclusive full-screen.  So… should I have this option in PinballX yes or no?

    A very simple, and pr…[Read more]

  • I have no issue showing media for each table while on the main menu. So playfield, backglass, and DMD all have .mp4 or .png displaying just fine within the front end while browsing/scrolling.

    When I launch a table, however, everything goes black. None of that media is active on any of my screens.

    Is there any way for the media to remain active…[Read more]

  • stampedem started the topic LAV Filters in the forum PinballY 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    I’m pretty happy with Pinball Y.  It’s incredibly simple.  Coming from a perfectly running PinUp that did require a fair amount of setup, I can appreciate the change (PinUP is great!, not knocking it at all).

    I came into the virtual pinball scene right after PinUp reach maturity, so I never used PinballX.  But it’s evident that PinballY and Pi…[Read more]

  • Well there is definitely the option to disable showing high scores on a per table basis. That did work. There is no global option for this so far as I can find, which is rather surprising. That would make a good feature on a future update.

  • Hi.

    My normal media configuration is to use static DMD images for the main menu / attract mode.  As such, I have no video DMD files.

    Ive noticed that as I’m in the main menu, scrolling through tables, that the DMD screen for many tables has the table DMD image I want also alternating with either:

    1) some DMD video; or,

    2) an actual VPinMame ou…[Read more]

  • stampedem started the topic Administrator Mode in the forum PinballY 5 months ago

    I recently chose PinballY to serve as my frontend.

    Immediatley, I was met with an unexpected, and rather baffling situation.

    I have ensured my VPX program i srunning.  It is fully setup and running well without a front end.  It is running as an Administrator.

    I myself am the PC’s administrator.  When I boot up the PC it uses my profile, and I…[Read more]

  • stampedem replied to the topic Wheelbar Not Found in the forum PinUp System 5 months ago

    Thank you outhere.

    I am doing this already. I use 7zip and download the zip directly from Nailbuster’s site. I have exceptions for several folders, including PinUPSytem, Visual Pinball, Downloads, and Desktop. When I have the zip downloaded, I am unblocking the file before extraction as you instruct. After unblocking, I unpack the files into t…[Read more]

  • stampedem replied to the topic Wheelbar Not Found in the forum PinUp System 5 months ago

    Well I’m sad to report that the situation just appeared to be getting worse.  There were a few other new errors being thrown up as I spent about 5 hours this afternoon working on it.    One of these errors was “PinUpDisplay.exe – Application Error : The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close application.”  And…[Read more]

  • stampedem started the topic Wheelbar Not Found in the forum PinUp System 5 months ago

    I know this issue has been addressed already in other posts and on Facebook groups, and I’m sorry to bring up an error which you may feel has been answered many times over.  But I’m going to ask for help because it seems the issue/error is “persistent” but not “complete.”  Let me explain…

    I’ve been running Pinup for about 1.5 years now, and r…[Read more]

  • I’m sorry, I don’t get how this is supposed to run.  The puppack contains no playlist/screens/triggers.pup files.

    Am I missing something??????

  • Can’t wait to play this.  I’ve been waiting and watching for a while now.  Great work and thank you for your effort!

  • When I try to play with this pup-pack, all I get is a single overlay on my backglass.  It is a blank screen with the words Iron Man fading in and out.  It looks nothing like the Backglass I think is supposed to come up.  Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

  • Same with me.  I had some crashing issues earlier, but that seems to have resolved itself without the at91jit fix above (for which I’ve never had to do with any other table either).  One of those turn of pc and turn back on fixes I guess.  So now he table/playfield, DMD, and PupPack load and remain active now, no problem.  The problem I have now…[Read more]

  • Yes, I’ve read of this at91jit thing before.  Never have I had to mess with it with any of the 200+ tables I use consistently on my cab.  So far, in about the 25 or so Pup-Packs I’m using, I’ve not yet needed to mess with this.  Although a little reading suggests at91jit is more of a stern issue, so perhaps that’s why this pup-pack specifically is…[Read more]

  • This game PupPack crashes my VPX.  My comp is a i5 4570 and teh GFX card is a Gigabyte 1050ti, and I’m running a 3 screen (PF 4k, BG 720p, and 1280×320 DMD).  Yes, I know I’m woefully underpowered, but I get 60fps on most every table with Ambient Occlusion on, but no other bells and whistles unfortunatley.  Okay, so yes, my PC is underpowered, bu…[Read more]

  • stampedem replied to the topic pinup feature requests in the forum PinUp System 9 months ago

    I’d like to say, I’m dumb.

    I totally did not see this was already a feature.  Excellent work to the development team.  They’re way ahead of where our brains are at!

  • stampedem replied to the topic pinup feature requests in the forum PinUp System 9 months ago

    With the release of 1.4.2 beta, and the eventual formal integration of the media server, which is AWESOME, I think it would be cool if we could get an additional media field for T-ARC or T-BAR loading videos.  These will be coming out more and more, no doubt. I’d love to see a community push for these, just as when Tarcisio wheels started…[Read more]

  • Is there any way to make this default to a single player mode only? I thought that there might be an option in the table script, but I could not see one.

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