• TerryRed replied to the topic Jaws Ultimate Pro – PinEvent in the forum Downloads Support Topics 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    outhere wrote:
    I did you could do this

    How do you do this? – FP Backglass disabled

    PinEvent guide tells you what to do, but there are different ways to do it

    Myself, in my Launch Script for Popper, I change settings in the registry to disable the FP Backglass and Arcade mode (but you need BAM Force Arcade mode enabled) when launching PinEvent tables… and then re-enable those settings when Launching normal FP tables.


    It’s easier to just use PuP-Packs on Top if you aren’t script or registry savy.

    • Hello Terry Red great job as usual, but the only problem I have with future pinball is the ball. I am so used to playing with vpinball that I find the ball to be big and slow to my liking. Even at the very least of the graphics it is the same slowness. Would there be a solution to find a smaller and faster ball and thanks again Terryred.

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