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    Thanks for getting back with me! Once again thank you for your knowledge!

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    @terryred Hey Terry 👋 I’m new to the visual pin world but through your tutorials I have gained a wealth of knowledge and insight. Thank you! Currently one of my biggest challenges is trying to use a real dmd for future pinball. I downloaded fp intercept but still having problems getting it to work. Would be nice if a tutorial could be done in…[Read more]

    • I don’t have a real DMD, so sadly I can’t do a tutorial for it.

      Things to keep in mind…. FP Intercept will only work with tables that have a 128×32 DMD on the table’s backbox. For tables that have 128×16, those need to be changed to 128×32.

      Anything else, like alphanumeric, EM Reels,etc wont work with FP Intercept.

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