Ask us about EM Beginning Classes

Ask us about EM Beginning Classes

Michael Schiess
Class Size: 
5 students

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A totally American development on an old game reserved for royalty, the modern pinball machine is not only fun to play, but is a treasure chest of mechanisms and concepts that you can apply to a myriad of artistic and practical uses…


This introductory course will submerge you under the playfield and into the guts of vintage Electro Mechanical (EM) pinball mechanisms. 

We will cover the historical, electrical, mechanical, circuitry, artistry, wizardry, maintenance, and operation of a typical machine.We will cover the basics of breaking down, transporting and setting up a machine. 

  • How to buy, repair and troubleshoot. 
  • How to play, use pinball skills and pinball etiquette. 
  • Time permitting, we will work on an actual machine in class… 

If you’ve ever played or been interested in pinball, then this class is for you! 



Classes $120 per person total. there will be Four 2 hour classes plus 1 hour of Pinball play. Class from 6:30-8:30 Starting on February 28th – March 21st, Tuesday evenings.

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Author: Lynn Gustafson


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