Ball drop sounds have always been a bit of a challenge and a pain to add to a table.  Recently, @cyberpez and I came up with drag and drop code that can quickly be added to any table, much the same way as JP’s ball rolling code is added.

The code is simple.  Add the following to the ball rolling sub:

‘***Ball Drop Sounds***

If BOT(b).VelZ < -1 and BOT(b).z < 55 and BOT(b).z > 27 Then ‘height adjust for ball drop sounds
PlaySound “fx_ball_drop” & b, 0, ABS(BOT(b).velz)/17, AudioPan(BOT(b)), 0, Pitch(BOT(b)), 1, 0, AudioFade(BOT(b))
End If

Then add ball drop sounds similar to ball rolling sounds:



Examples can be found in the new Funhouse beta and Pinbot.  A sample table is attached.

BallDrop Sample Table

  1. randr 2 weeks ago


  2. Thalamus 2 weeks ago

    Saw it for the first time in a Funhouse beta and tried it on a few table. Jaw dropping. Simple to implement and adds so much !

  3. wrd1972 1 week ago

    This mod really adds that something extra to the table. Especially of you get lots of airballs like on AFM and FH.

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