There is a BOP update in the works that is nearing completion, I've been requested to do a new "smoother" mesh for the helm. Since the helm will be rendered static on the table I am making a high poly mesh with all the details modelled not mapped. I'll also probably make a low poly version and give it the old normal map projection mapping treatment just in case anyone ever needs it to be dynamic down the road.

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  1. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    It sure is fun to hover over the BOP face on main page….loll

  2. randr 4 years ago

    Looks great. Ummm….. nice helmet job…lol

  3. Drybonz 4 years ago

    Looks very realistic with the chrome material added. That’s going to really transform that table. :good:

  4. STAT 4 years ago

    dark please stop to post real Photos here !

  5. bord 4 years ago

    Appreciate the look at your process. Your work is always incredible.

  6. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    For Christmas one year, my pops got my beat up Schwann BMX bike “chromed.” Ever since then I’ve had a fascination with that look. Awesome to see the chromed BOP! Beautiful work, Dark.

  7. wrd1972 4 years ago

    Really excellent work Dark. IT looks every bit photo-realistic and cant wait to drop it on the new table.

  8. randr 4 years ago

    Helmet looks to fit good!

  9. randr 4 years ago

    Ill say upper right corner looks best? anyone else?

  10. takut 4 years ago

    looks excellent, perfect work :good:

  11. Pinbolt 4 years ago

    Looks so real, what for a masterpiece.

  12. STAT 4 years ago

    Always Looks like a Love Doll lol … aehm ok, ah what – there is a mostly final VPX also ?

  13. randr 4 years ago

    I finally tried this last night! wow so nice. thanks dark!
    here is a bad video of a bad player playing it while i recorded :)

  14. randr 4 years ago

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