This will be a brief project show casing the construction of the Bronto Crane from the Flintstones table. Big thanks to Slydog43 for providing awesome HD pics of the bronto crane removed from the table. I like this table so I'm hoping some talented people will make use of this model for a vpx update.

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  1. randr 12 months ago

    Looks so good! At first I was thinking it looked like…… never mind but wow looks great finished!


  2. STAT 12 months ago

    WOW, thanks … yes i also hope for a VPX, esp. the colorful Version (PM5 avaiable ) :heart:


  3. Kalavera3 12 months ago

    AMAZING!!!! :good: :good: :good:


  4. sale 11 months ago

    :good: :yahoo:


  5. blacksad 11 months ago

    Yabba Dabba Doo! Look perfect as usual !
    I love this table too, a lot of parties in the corner cafe between high school classes. :cry:


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