Hi everbody! Finally i can start a new project. Well, since my time is still limited this will be a long one. After Clark Kent finally had a PF scan of Cirqus Voltaire i will take this opportunity to rebuild this table from scratch. Randr hopefully will help me along with stuff. This time i try to upload a more detailed view of my workings.

A fast video (with lots of cuts) of the vector stuff in illustrator

Test of the dmd, behind the mame dmd is a 3d model. With some opacity in the mame dmd it possible to see the dots. Its also behind the plastic cover which reflects the pf gi.

test lights...

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  1. randr 3 years ago

    I’m glad to help with anything you need. Should be a great build!

  2. Thalamus 3 years ago

    Looking forward to see the progress !

  3. Drybonz 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your wip, Knorr… it’s always fun to see the updates. Can you tell us how you are doing the “imbedded” DMD for this one?

    • Author
      Knorr 3 years ago

      haha, no… i´m still out of the loop. I guess this works with a flasher now? I don´t know…

      • Drybonz 3 years ago

        Oh yeah… I forgot about the new playfield DMD feature. I guess that will be perfect for this purpose.

  4. Al 3 years ago

    Love a WIP ! Can’t wait till I have some more time on my hands to get a little dirtier with tables, and these are like training crack to me ..

  5. Ben Logan2 3 years ago

    Super exciting news, Knorr. Your tables all look fantastic and play especially realistically. Demo Man, Star Trek TNG and Road Show get tons of play around our house. You have an uncanny ability to make a widebody feel like an actual widebody on the dimensions of a playfield monitor. Magic!

    Looking forward to all the WIP pics as your busy schedule permits.

    • Author
      Knorr 3 years ago

      Thanks Ben! The last months i worked on a update for demoman… Currently CK does his final touch. In the next few weeks it should be finished.

  6. Ben Logan2 3 years ago

    You and CK make a great team, Knorr. Excited for the update!

  7. Al 3 years ago

    HI folks, any teaser pics ? How did you end up doing the playfield dmd that CV has ? Did you code it into the table / back of the playfield or is it floating ?

    • Author
      Knorr 3 years ago

      pics will follow, i´m actually working on the table and i just started with it…

  8. Thalamus 3 years ago

    Why the rings surrounding the flippers ?

    • Author
      Knorr 3 years ago

      In the editor you can see the cross in the (star)triggers, I use them for a second measurement out of the center starting from the flippers pair. First I use the calculator to have them right but beyond that there are still some points which are odd. So I can check if the post holes are correct (from the center), otherwise I have to position the flippers again. I use much more guidelines to find the perfect relation between the objects then in this blueprint. And it also helps to find angles and get a better understanding of what the creators wanted, if that makes sense….

  9. Ben Logan2 3 years ago

    Such great attention to detail, Knorr. Good question from Thalamus, and an interesting answer.

  10. Thalamus 3 years ago

    Ah. That makes perfect sense. Thank you. You gave me some new ideas.

  11. Al 3 years ago

    calculator, blueprint, angles .. now I am beginning to understand why your tables play so beautifully ! !

  12. Jesperpark 3 years ago

    Wow totally missed this Wip till just now. Looking fantastic already, loving the attention to dimensions and replicating this table.

  13. Ben Logan2 3 years ago

    Oh yeah! That POV is looking awesome Knorr. Thanks for the screenshot of your latest WIP.

  14. Clark Kent 3 years ago

    We are urgently looking for the inner backbox decal 31-2836 to be able to finish the new dB2S…

  15. Author
    Knorr 3 years ago

    @randr maybe you can help with that decal

  16. randr 3 years ago

    Yes I can

  17. marie 3 years ago

    Just stumbled upon your Artist-at-Work vid. I just loved watching it. Amazing! :good:

  18. Mr_H 3 years ago

    OMG! That is incredible…every new table that comes out is just more impressive than the last! Sooooo good!

  19. jipeji16 3 years ago

    it will be awesome !!!!! ;) ;) ;) thanks !!!!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  20. vogliadicane 3 years ago

    cool, one of my all time absolute favourites! Looks great!

  21. senseless 3 years ago

    Looking awesome Knorr! I love your work and eye for detail(s). Thanks for sharing your WIP.

  22. arconovum 3 years ago

    :good: :heart:

  23. Ben Logan2 3 years ago


    Artist at work video featuring Knorr? Can you post a link?

  24. Al 3 years ago

    Looking great Knorr ! Thanks for the progress piccy !!

  25. Dark 3 years ago

    I converted a 3D scan of the Ringmaster (scanned by randr) and worked it into something useful for gaming. Download coming soon:

  26. Dark 3 years ago

    Full link:

  27. randr 3 years ago

    Very nice dark! Knorr How’s the table going any news?

    • Author
      Knorr 3 years ago

      Yeah you know, it’s a slow one. Put I enjoy building a lot at the moment. The last 3-4 weeks I didn’t do much because tried many different software and render engines. Also my car broke so had to search for a new one. But now I’m back and for now everything goes well. The next days I will need some stuff for the ramps…. :)

  28. Ben Logan2 3 years ago

    Great video of vectorization process for sling plastics. So calming to watch. That latest render looks outstanding, Knorr. Especially the ramps. Absolutely nailed the POV, too. You’re killing it!


  29. randr 3 years ago

    Testing posting AND need a update on this wip :)

  30. Ben Logan2 3 years ago

    Randr and Dark’s ringmaster looks killer! Amazing bobble head bash toy. Love it.

    Just played a bunch of your TNG the other night. You do a fantastic job of capturing the widebody feel on VP tables.

  31. randr 3 years ago

    ringmaster looks OK. always could be better :good:

  32. Thalamus 3 years ago

    Third time I try to comment on this WIP. Been blocked as spammer each time so thank Randr if this finally goes through. I’m blown away how much work you and other senior authors do on details. Ben said something I’ve meant to comment on and that is TNG. That table has maybe the best surround sound feedback of them all. And since I played the table in the VPF competition I very often stop on it scrolling through in PBX. Thank you so much for your dedication. It is looking amazing already.

  33. Vinthar 3 years ago

    Man, looks stunning, can’t wait to give it a try. Big fan of your work, Demoman is table I play most often!

  34. Drybonz 3 years ago


  35. rothbauerw 3 years ago

    Fantastic choice Knorr! Looking good.

  36. randr 3 years ago

    Hey knorr hows things going?

    • Author
      Knorr 3 years ago

      Well, didnt had much time recently. Lot of real life work at the Moment. Sparetime with Kids and of course watching Roland garros…. :)
      I started some vectoring stuff for the ramp decals, well there are only the plastic ramps left on the table and a lot of small things like the gates and Switches…. I will post some updates soon…

  37. Ben Logan2 3 years ago

    Slightly off topic: Vacationing with my son in Portland, Oregon. Got to play both Road Show and Star Trek TNG. Remarkable how closely your versions play to the real things, Knorr. Made me all the more thankful for your work. You really understand how to channel the widebody feel. Very excited for your Cirqus, as your busy schedule permits.

  38. DamsBALL 3 years ago

    good job my friend !
    do you have a link to this WIP table ?

  39. Al 3 years ago

    Bloody Hell that youtube is amazing to watch ! .. and thats only for the slingshot plastics ! Unbelievable.
    I can Photoshop but Illustrator is well out of my league.
    Thanks for sharing !

  40. Mr_H 3 years ago

    Looking forward to the next wips! Super incredible quality going on.

  41. Ben Logan2 3 years ago

    You’re probably super busy, Knorr. Looking forward to a a new screenshot when you’ve got one!

  42. Mr_H 3 years ago

    B-) B-) B-)

  43. darrinbrewer 2 years ago

    amazing skills, cant wait to see it 100%, looks great so far.

  44. g5k 2 years ago

    New wip looks awesome!

  45. Ben Logan2 2 years ago

    Ramp lighting looks killer! Good luck with those tapered ramp models, Knorr. Sounds extra tricky indeed. Super excited for this one. Got to play at Free Gold Watch last night in San Francisco, and thought about your work. I opened up VPinball today to find an update to your WIP! Great timing.

  46. Mr_H 2 years ago

    That looks incredible, love that blue ramp lighting. Pumped for this. I’m holding off on playing previous versions like I did with AFM. Impressive Knorr.

  47. Ben Logan2 2 years ago

    Sweet left ramp vector. Man that looks cool

  48. foofoorabbit 2 years ago

    Knorr, I’m curious… can VPX show those distortion effects from the plastic ramps or would they need to be faked? Or is the effort of faking the effect next to impossible? I can imagine, in 10-15 years, a ray-traced VPX that would make tables look amazing but right now, I think some of the awesomeness of these ray-traced renders would be lost in VPX 10.5. The renders look gorgeous… better than real… surreal.

    CV is one of my favorites. And I love your ST:TNG. I can’t wait to see this beauty released.

    • Author
      Knorr 2 years ago

      This is a good question. Well, the truth is I ant to get as much from the plastic ramp render as possible to vp. Dark and Flupper showed already what’s possible. One problem here are the inserts underneath. They should light up and as long the lightning is faked I can’t render too much of the refraction into the texture, otherwise it would look weird. I will use two different materials in cinema for the same ramp, one with more refraction on the borders, one with less on the plane sides…
      Overall I will set my focus on a table with zero static elements, since it’s the future also for vpx even when I loose some frames in the game….

  49. StishStash 2 years ago

    This looks really nice and I can’t wait to play it!

  50. Gwen 2 years ago

    Agreed, this looks great! I look forward to playing it too. =)

  51. foofoorabbit 2 years ago

    Yeah, I also look forward to playing this also. I check this WIP almost hourly in hopes of seeing something new from Knorr. ;)

    • drickman156 2 years ago

      Glad I’m not the only one. Try to limit to daily, but I’m pretty excited about it.

    • Mr_H 2 years ago

      hahaha I’m along with you guys. Watching this and Pinbot like a hawk – daily!

  52. STAT 2 years ago

    Made in Austria :good:

  53. NetzZwerg 2 years ago

    This looks absolutely stunning! Looking forward to it…

  54. Pinbolt 2 years ago


  55. foofoorabbit 2 years ago


  56. Ben Logan2 2 years ago

    Best cab view ever

  57. Mr_H 2 years ago

    Super awesome!

  58. sounboul 2 years ago

    thank you

  59. visualpinballfan 2 years ago

    oh my….looking very impressive. and one of me and my wife favorite table.

  60. Ian Pretorius 2 years ago

    looks ready for release ;)

    • Author
      Knorr 2 years ago

      ready for unity ;)

      • Ian Pretorius 2 years ago

        IM sure the regular VP crowd would not be to happy with you if it was only a unity version , no DOF etc ;) All Jokes aside if you send me all the 3d assets and textures I can look into doing a separate Unity version for you, of coarse I would credit you in the splash screen as the author of all the 3D assets and textures etc. Would be interesting as some aspects of how VP tables are built lead themselves to look better ( pre baked stuff ) While unity is all dynamically rendered. You could do prebaked in Unity just it obviously doesnt look so right always if a user moves the camera around, and I dont restrict camera movement ;)

        • Author
          Knorr 2 years ago

          this would be awesome…, the renders in corona/cinema are with regular textures… for vp i bake them… So you could choose….

          • Ian Pretorius 2 years ago

            Unbaked textures please ;) I sometimes bake AO maps for finer detailed things , I do use SSAO post process for AO but for finer detailing it nice to have baked and runtime AO on those assets. otherwise I use diffuse , metalness , roughness , normal , (diffuse 2, normal 2 – for finer detailing ), emission etc.. PBR standards.

            Anyway send me what you have and i can make an assessment of what is all there and if I need to create additional maps etc. Also for 3d assets I work in blender so im sure you can export them as FBX format from cinema4d , then I can import them into blender.

  61. Ben Logan2 2 years ago

    Knorr, I love your willingness to share with Ian. What an amazing community. DMD integration looks fantastic. Also, your CV features the best looking POV for cab to date, imo. And there have been a lot of good ones!

  62. Mr_H 2 years ago

    Looking incredible, masterpiece!

  63. BrandonLaw 2 years ago

    As I’m newer to this stuff, and look to requisite tables, I get so excited when the community rallies around a work. Very hyped to see the progress on this table!

  64. nours 2 years ago

    Splendide :good:

  65. ganjafarmer 2 years ago

    Great quality of this build makes me happy :good:

  66. Arngrim 2 years ago

    go go knorr, one of the best tables ever :D

  67. Ben Logan2 2 years ago

    Totally agreed, Arngrim. Really astounded at how well this one is shaping up. Knorr’s tables are always something special!

  68. dazzlaa 2 years ago

    Any updates on this? Super exited for it!

  69. rothbauerw 2 years ago

    That dot matrix test video is insane! Fantastic work Knorr!

  70. bjschneider93 2 years ago

    Really cool

  71. krisser 2 years ago

    Hows the progress going? (jason wants to know)

  72. darrinbrewer 2 years ago

    cant wait to see this in a cabinet!
    Looks amazing, looks like a real table.
    The progress VP has made in the last 4 years has been amazing.
    Ive recently got into the SSF stuff, since i ve not dove into DOF-devices yet.

    This is one of those games you NEVER see in real life.

    Ive seen one, and that was at the pinball hall of fame in vegas.

  73. vogliadicane 2 years ago

    Welcome – To the greatest Pinball on EARTH!

    Actually I can’t trust my eyes watching that video. I mean all those light reflections everywhere. Is this VP 12?

  74. drickman156 2 years ago

    Well… this is amazing. So excited to see the progress, thank you for sharing and putting in so much attention to detail. It is a masterpiece.

  75. randr 2 years ago

    Yeah i would say you nailed the lighting! WOW

  76. ganjafarmer 2 years ago

    WOW :)

  77. foofoorabbit 2 years ago

    Jaaaayzuss! That’s amazing!!!!

  78. Mr_H 2 years ago

    What a joy that was to watch. Incredible lighting. Brilliant. Will hold off from playing this until this version comes out!

  79. visualpinballfan 2 years ago

    amazing work…i was just messing with dozers great version this weekend, lighting, sounds, graphics, ect.. and playing it a bunch..joining the circus is on the mind this week. yours though look to be a show stopper and a true treat.

  80. GogglesPiasano 2 years ago


  81. robertms 2 years ago

    This is NEXT LEVEL stuff, amazing skills Knorr!

  82. Blacksad 2 years ago

    What a ton of work for an incredible realism result !
    High respect Knorr

  83. randr 2 years ago

    Apron turned out great! glad i could help

  84. Mark70 2 years ago

    I just watched the videos again. Everything looks terrific!

  85. E36M3ZF 2 years ago

    Can’t wait for this version. All other versions have various issues for me, i hope this one gets everything fixed.

  86. E36M3ZF 2 years ago

    Just a question. could the dmd in the table have more “glow” like the version that’s already out?

    • Author
      Knorr 2 years ago

      Sure, you can simply use the same settings for the flasherobject like in your prefered table.

  87. bassgeige 2 years ago

    A little teaser advertisement for an upcoming dB2S:



  88. KiwiBri 2 years ago

    wow. Amazing table and dB2S ! actually, is that how the real machine works?

  89. bassgeige 2 years ago

    The dB2S is as close as it was possible to do. There are a few ideas left that will need a little bit more time and everything should be ready together.

  90. crashb4 2 years ago

    Wow guys. There is some incredible work going on here. How exciting to be a member of the community. Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills to be much help. I do, however, enjoy seeing the process of recreating these tables. Rock on!!!!

    • randr 2 years ago

      This will be yet another instant top table! Amazing build by knorr!

  91. bassgeige 2 years ago

    Night colour mod as reminiscence to the older colour mod. (Video: https://youtu.be/0SINit-zKpM)

    Still WIP.

  92. Kach069 2 years ago

    Oh man oh man, this looks so good. Can’t wait! Thank you for making this happen all!

  93. Drybonz 2 years ago

    I hadn’t looked at these wip updates for a while. The pics are just ridiculous… I can’t believe how good it looks. Backglass also looks very cool. I’m sure this will be another VP classic.

  94. TNT2 2 years ago

    Crazy crazy stuff.

  95. Draifet 2 years ago

    Test light video looks perfect.

  96. Author
    Knorr 2 years ago

    This wip took very long, thanks for so many comments here. Table is done and soon ready for download.

  97. Kach069 2 years ago

    Knorr is da’ man!!!!

  98. vogliadicane 2 years ago

    surely a long time wip. But from the videos, worth waiting every single second!

    I’m so excited.

  99. crashb4 2 years ago

    Are you kidding me? This table is sick. You guys have out done yourselves. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work.

  100. KiwiBri 2 years ago

    So, I found the option to turn off the lower DMD display. I wonder, Can that display be used for something else? for those of us that have a real DMD mounted up higher? In anycase, I can always try and modify the POV too to raise up the rear of the table for the DMD is not seen.

    thanks again for a great table !

  101. JustAnotherRat 2 years ago

    I finally got around to trying this table after being excited by its release.

    It looks fantastic and the SSF feels sensational.

    I am not exactly sure why or how, but this version seems to play way too easily. Are others finding that this is too easy? Unfortunately I won’t play this as my game times will be too long.

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