I created a high poly sculpt of the Dicta-bird based off many HD photos from Slydog in ZBrush. Big shout out to slydog for providing the pics from his Flintstones Table, he's a big reason it turned out so nice! I then create a low poly version of the mesh based off the high poly version. In 3dsmax I use projection mapping to 'bake' maps from the high poly version onto the low poly. So the texture map and normals bump map are generated off a high poly sculpt, giving the LP version the illusion of high detail/high resolution. Video of the sculpt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acHkaWZw970&feature=youtu.be View it in 3D in your browser with sketchfab: https://skfb.ly/6M7qL https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/dictabird-5a1b925933594df7b17818d155c914d0  

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  1. Author
    Dark 1 year ago

    Video of the sculpt:

  2. Author
    Dark 1 year ago

    View it in 3D at sketchfab:

  3. sheltemke 1 year ago

    No words….Dark you did it again…amazing job…

  4. randr 1 year ago

    Wry nice dark. Top quality stuff as usual!

  5. crashb4 1 year ago

    It blows my mind, the things you guys can do. I fall to a puddle on the ground just looking at the software.
    Thank you all.

  6. buttsy19 1 year ago

    Very talented guy, i can only but wish i had half of your skillset.

  7. zimbakin 1 year ago

    Looks amazing man, can’t wait to see the table.

  8. Slydog43 1 year ago

    wow, this really came out great. Your are a master of this trade Dark. I will give you anything you need from my collection (about 25 pins now).
    Like I asked in a PM, I really want to try and tackle Transporter the Rescue as it is so rare and the VP9 version looks so bad. I just picked it up the other day and hopefully will sell shortly as I have no more room for any more pins (I have a problem :)

  9. Ben Logan2 1 year ago

    He looks so great! Nailed it, Dark. Thanks so much. VP Champion.

  10. TNT2 1 year ago

    Wow. Very creative!

  11. Loganchihuahua 12 months ago

    It looks so good. Never thought a chicken would look so good on a pinball table. Your talent really shines!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Loganchihuahua 12 months ago

      It looks so good. Never thought a prehistoric chicken (Dictabird) would look so good on a pinball table! Your talent really shines!! Thanks so much for sharing. Video is amazing.

  12. Blompottan 10 months ago

    Fantastic! The time and effort you guys put in to make these tables. Have been a member of this fantastic community since 2010, I have always said to my self I want to contribute as well. But whit these standards and no skills Il get back to tell people how to rotate a table in the newbie section.
    Cant wait to see what you doo with that looong neck brachiosaurus.

    Fantastic Dark!

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