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  1. Ben Logan2 3 years ago

    Dark, you sir are a champ! Thanks for taking on so many amazing projects for our community. Your work quality is truly inspiring! Funhouse is certainly one of the great Williams tables.

  2. Author
    Dark 3 years ago

    It sure is Ben! Now grab ya’self a hawt dawg!

  3. randr 3 years ago

    Well that didnt seem so hard at all :)

  4. Drybonz 3 years ago

    Dark is into everything these days. Thanks for showing all the preview pics for your various projects… I enjoy seeing the bits and pieces as you make them.

  5. Ben Logan2 3 years ago

    Love the update. That new ramp is a monster!

    “Go play on the steps!” :P

  6. Al 3 years ago

    Watching the bits being made really helps to appreciate them when they are in a table. I’ve looked at the BOP plastic shroud since grabbing the beta, and I can see the detail that is outlined in the WIP, same with the badcats ramps and all the others, this one looks so complex and perfect, I can’t wait to see it in a table .. it’s great following a part or a build and seeing the final product. Thanks for doing what you do so well !

  7. Author
    Dark 3 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words guys, I’m happy to showcase the work I do with so many great authors here!

  8. Ben Logan2 3 years ago

    Ramp textures are capturing greater and greater realism, Dark. Love the level of translucency: Easily visible, yet allowing for effective viewing of the playfield. Beautiful blurring / soft focus of objects underneath ramps.

  9. Author
    Dark 3 years ago

    I’ll often do a bit of customising to the texture in photoshop after I’ve settled on one I like to add extra transparency to areas that I think need it, usually ramp floors that travel over artwork.

  10. randr 3 years ago

    where is wip thread on vpf? i cannot find it

  11. Author
    Dark 3 years ago

    Not surprised, who can find anything on VPF? lol
    It’s called Funhouse VPX wip or something like that.

  12. Drybonz 3 years ago

    I think it was continued in a Funhouse VP9 thread if I remember correctly, so it was tricky to find.

  13. Drybonz 3 years ago

    Scratch that… my mistake… it’s called VPX Funhouse WIP and it is in the WIP subforum.

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