I have permission to use all the resources from the VP9 version from 'epthegeek' with that said there is still a lot of work to be done updating this table. I want much higher resolution graphics all round and some of the resources in the VP9 table just aren't there. Luckily zany owns the table and John9803 says he can provide scans and pics of a mint Gilligans some time soon as well. I've exported the VP9 table as a mesh and have used that as a base to get started. With the help of some people on the forums I've been able to get the plastics cleaned up and cut out for transparency. We had HD photos but the backgrounds all needed to be cut out and with detailed artwork, it can cause a lot of artifacts and what not. I plan to pretty much build this entire table in 3D and start bringing it all into VPX piece by piece. Contributors: John9803 - Resources Zany - Resources/3D/Graphics/physics tuning. Dark - 3D/graphics ICPJuggla - Table builder/lighting/physics mfuegemann: Coding support. Ben Logan: Graphics (clean ups)

Here's some pre-release game play footage courtesy of Laylow, thanks Laylow!

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  1. markrock76 4 years ago

    This is gonna be excellent. Cannot wait!

  2. randr 4 years ago

    Picture caught my eye :) looks like a great project to me!

  3. walamab 4 years ago

    Looking forward to this one

  4. Scotty VH 4 years ago

    Love this table, and can’t wait to see it complete! It sounds like this is going to be an absolute beauty.

  5. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    It hasn’t been updated since early VP9 days and someone dear to me really likes this table and theme. So when I heard zany was getting one I had to get the ball rolling on an update! Supposed to be getting new resources next week which I’m really looking forward to! :yahoo:

  6. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    Wow, Dark! It’s looking so great already. This table has a special place in my heart as well. Probably the first table I got truly addicted to back in college in the early 90s. The ruleset is so simple and pure: Shoot all the ingredients for the lava seltzer, and feed it to Kona (the god of the volcano) to earn his treasure — 50 million points.

    This table is truly underrated! The lopsided scoring probably has much to do with it’s lack of cred (achieve Kona’s treasure, or else!). The rotating centerpiece that feeds the ball to different parts of the table depending upon rotation is really unique. Callouts are great. The whole experience is lighthearted and fun. Totally stoked Dark and Zany are bringing this one to VPX. My kids are really excited!

  7. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    I was playing the old VP9 version a bit last night just to get familiar with the game again. Some people say this game is too easy but the VP9 version is basically impossible since you can’t make the “rope” shot without some miracle. It does have a simple rule set but it still has it’s challenges. I think it’s a great family game especially since it’s been described often as very “approachable” and the simpler objectives aren’t overwhelming for children and novice players. Also I’m the kind of guy that can take a simple table I like like this and just knock the ball around mindlessly as a form of meditation! :P

  8. Dodger 4 years ago

    Wow these are great news.

  9. luther 4 years ago

    this is awesome. i absolutely love this table…owned the pin for years.

    good luck with the build and if you need any shots tested or whatever, hit me up…should be able to give some accurate feedback.


  10. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    @luther my good ol’ buddy zany has a Gilligans and he says he will make sure it’s as accurate as possible. He intends to measure the actual slope of the machine and use that value in VPX. It will be nice finally being able to make the ‘Rope’ shot! :P

  11. luther 4 years ago

    great news. good luck with the build.

  12. randr 4 years ago

    After seeing Knorrs roadshow the bar is getting high! excited to see what dark can do.

  13. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    Man, Kona’s looking great. Rumored by Gilligan (and the instruction card) to be hoarding 50 million points!

    Excellent progress, Dark. Love following this thread.

  14. randr 4 years ago

    Yeah wow you got sculptris down I would say!

  15. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    It’s Zbrush, sculptris is like the baby version of ZBrush.

  16. Drybonz 4 years ago

    I’ve never played this table, but it looks really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing how that turn table works.

  17. randr 4 years ago

    I recall that table never working right in real game! :)

  18. STAT 4 years ago

    In the Future, dark + a big 3D Printer provide us complete real Tables, i am sure ;)

  19. gigalula 4 years ago

    WOW super nice project. :good:

  20. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Hey if you like what you’re seeing in this project, take a moment to hit the “appreciate this” button on the top right of the page please. Show contributors you care and appreciate their work! :)

  21. luther 4 years ago

    holy crap, this looks good.

  22. Drybonz 4 years ago

    Some of these pictures are of the real table. You cannot convince me otherwise… my mind is made up. ;-)

  23. randr 4 years ago

    Yeah its crazy! if only real pins looked that good

  24. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Yeah I’m really happy with how the turntable TURNED out….lol. :yahoo:

  25. randr 4 years ago

    I don’t see how i can be any better honestly.

  26. HauntFreaks 4 years ago

    we could only wish VP could render these parts as beautiful as these pics are….

  27. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    Totally agree, HF. Someday!

    @Dark — “Two turntables and a microphone.” Love it! It’s gotta be a thrill to wake up in the morning and check the latest render. Gorgeous.

  28. randr 4 years ago

    Ramps look great. Perhaps nicest ramps I’ve seen yet. Needs stress cracks at mounting holes then it would look real. Lmao

  29. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    Dark, these high resolution renders of your models / table WIP are looking better than the real thing. Just mind-blowing! So glad you chose to work on this table. Super fun, underrated, with an elegantly simple ruleset, great flow, and hilariously goofy callouts.

  30. takut 4 years ago

    The rendered plastics and ramps looks fantastic, like photos. Great job.

  31. Gustav Wingburen 4 years ago

    wow! That Jungle Run disc looks awesome!!!

  32. OptimusPin 4 years ago

    Wow!!! I can’t wait to play this! It is going to be beautiful!

  33. Mark70 4 years ago

    WOW unbelievable!

  34. goesta 4 years ago

    I am so excited about this WIP. Long time i wished there was a new version. Always great fun playing this table! Thanks!

  35. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    goesta good to see you here and I’m glad to hear your excited! I am too!

  36. Al 4 years ago

    The extent you go to to add tiny unseen details is just fantastic. The wires running into the support post for example on the close up render of the turntable is just amazing !

  37. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    But you’ll see a bit of those wires in DT view and maybe slightly in FS! I actually try not to include too much stuff that won’t actually be visible to save on performance. Thanks for the comment. B-)

  38. Al 4 years ago

    Yeah, I understand, you’re work is amazing, and I guess the balance is something I’ve not considered being a factor for building a table… and I adore “you’ll see a bit” and “maybe slightly” .. it’s that OCD attitude that helps makes your work seriously mindblowing ! :good:

  39. randr 4 years ago

    Im glad dark has OCD. man really looking forward to seeing this in vp.

  40. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    So much amazing attention to detail, Dark. Bumper caps are looking cool. Love the most recent high res rendering, too. Nice action shot! :D

  41. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Thanks Ben. John just came through with the last batch of resource photos! Time to kick some ass and chew bubble gum…..and I’m all outta gum!

  42. TNT2 4 years ago

    Wow. Looks very very impressive.

  43. randr 4 years ago

    Looks great dark. I need to learn the texturing method your doing

  44. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    ‘Spotlighting’ in ZBrush is awesome, kinda tricky at first especially when it seems I forget how to do it in between the flukeman project and this one lol. It’s the ‘UV master” plugin in zbrush that does a lot of the work. What was previously a really tedious process of flattening out a mesh and stitching it all together is a really fast and simply process with the plugin. What makes the whole process really shine though is the projection mapping I do in 3ds max after exporting from ZBrush.

  45. wrd1972 4 years ago

    Really looking awesome. The jungle thingy looks really cool, cant wait to try that out. Keep up the terrific work.

  46. luther 4 years ago

    not sure i can adequately describe how good this ish looks.

  47. TNT2 4 years ago

    This is looking very impressive but I fear the Mary Ann-Ginger debates could get brutal.

  48. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Interesting factoid, they never got the rights for Ginger’s likeness so they always have her face obscured and gave her blond hair.

  49. randr 4 years ago

    Interesting factoid.

  50. TNT2 4 years ago

    Huh. Did not know that.

  51. Al 4 years ago

    Ginger ( tryhard Marilyn Monroe wannabe ) ! Pfft .. .. Mary Annes short shorts and pig tails did / does it for me :)
    Another less interesting factoid I have noticed, in the first season still B&W the theme song lyrics lists the professor and maryanne as “all the rest” instead of naming them like it does in the second season ( I’ve started rewatching to prep for the table ! ) :)

  52. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    The Kona model “player” is great. Wonderful to be able to view this killer model in all its 3D glory!

  53. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Okay so now when I add more pics it seems to start displaying them out of order, I’m not going to organise them when I plan to add more and it will likely just happen again. The top two images should be at the bottom.

  54. randr 4 years ago

    I will look into it. I could open backend editing for projects would be better editing tools. Let me see what I can do. Backend editor is really nice but could be confusing for some? Dark you want to test it?

  55. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    Probably my favorite WIP thread to date. So many great pics! Thanks for the fun, Dark.

  56. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Thanks Ben, I do my best!

    Thanks @randr, I’m not complaining just observing and yes I’m willing to help you test what ever you need. I love vpinball projects! :)

  57. STAT 4 years ago

    still stop my working to Show all this Pics, boah …

  58. randr 4 years ago

    WOW. really looking like a table now

  59. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    That apron looks killer.

  60. luther 4 years ago

    absolutely cannot wait to play this table. i hated having to sell my gilligan…this will make my pinball self whole again.

    i can’t thank you enough for doing this one.

  61. TNT2 4 years ago

    Only the 55th time this has been mentioned but……

  62. randr 4 years ago

    56th time.


  63. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Just want to let you guys know that although this project has been a bit slower with progress updates, the table it’s self is progressing nicely. Ben just replaced a lot of the inserts sourced from the VP9 inserts onto our higher def photo PF. I’ve also done a lot of touch ups on it and ICPJuggla has been kicking ass building the actual table. Mfuegemann has made a working concept test for the Jungle Run turn table and the mechanical lift ramp which I have to say are looking awesome! I’ll try to post some updates soon when more of our efforts culminate onto the table.

  64. randr 4 years ago

    sounds like a great team you know it will be a top 10 build

  65. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Added new primitive kicker that I just made! I’ll try to remember to make a download available for it at some point. :)

  66. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    3D kicker saucer is awesome! Fantastic attention to detail, Dark.

  67. randr 4 years ago

    The apron and kicker look great! that kicker should be in vp as default kicker!

  68. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    I’m going to make that kicker available for download here at vpinball at some point.

  69. gigalula 4 years ago

    I’m always impress to see how nice and clean are your 3d render part… Looks so real.

  70. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    A new vpx wip update posted with lots of work done!

  71. randr 4 years ago

    Wow did you say starting to play nicely? Not only is this amazing. It progressing very quickly! Great work dark/guys

  72. Drybonz 4 years ago

    Looking really good… thanks for the update.

  73. STAT 4 years ago

    Archimedes would say: “Thats impossible”

  74. Jesperpark 4 years ago

    Every time I come back to look at the progress, I am amazed even more than the last time. This table is awesome, Thanks for the work!!

  75. gigalula 4 years ago

    “Dark:A new vpx wip update posted with lots of work done! ”

    Humm cannot find the link anywhere. If I really understood correctly ;)

  76. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Sorry gigalula, I simply meant the progress wip pic, but progress is happening at a nice rate. :)

  77. rothbauerw 4 years ago

    Looks super sharp Dark! Already one of the best looking tables out there.

  78. TNT2 4 years ago

    Holy crap.

  79. randr 4 years ago

    well how much taller did it need to be? was it off much?

  80. Gustav Wingburen 4 years ago

    Just remeber the scale of that ruler is in centimeters mr. Dark *lol*

    Best WIP ever btw! :yahoo:

  81. randr 4 years ago

    HA! im im usa would have used inches! LMAO!!

  82. zany 4 years ago

    Inches is probably the most stupid way to measure things ever! :D

  83. Gustav Wingburen 4 years ago

    Haha :good:

  84. randr 4 years ago

    @zany I agree just saying that’s what we use normally

  85. randr 4 years ago

    Amazing! I cannot wait to play the sucker! Oh and check out the new more fancy comments here! ;)

  86. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Much nicer dealing with the comments this way, thanks randr! New plastic ramp on the table with custom made plastic texture!

  87. goesta 4 years ago

    It is a joy to see the development and the progress you guys made so far. This built beats all my wishes and expectations i had for a new version of Gilligan’ s Island VPX.
    Dark and your team you guys rock!!!

  88. Flupper 4 years ago

    Very impressed with the plastic ramp bake! Looks super!

    • Author
      Dark 4 years ago

      Thanks Flupper, means a lot coming from you bud! :)

  89. luther 4 years ago

    ohhhhh nice. we’re getting close, aren’t we?

    • Author
      Dark 4 years ago

      Yeah we’re getting there, helps to have a good team with well timed coordination, it’s been a speedious project! We’re still trying to tackle how best to light up kona and the pop bumpers have been an on going struggle to get something that resembles the real thing.

  90. randr 4 years ago

    Well that looks neat! will you do a 3d view that we all can explore through sketchfab?

    • Author
      Dark 4 years ago

      You know I’ve planned on it! The thing is my 3D version of the table is all set up with texture bakes to look nice in the vpx table. Once things are totally finalised I’ll start preparing everything for a sketchfab upload. It’s a lot of parts and materials to deal with and I also have to cut out all the inserts as their own objects in order to light them up. It’s going to take a lot of work to get everything looking nice on sketchfab but I’m looking forward to it. For the vpx table I just have some odds and ends like wiring to deal with.

  91. Mark70 4 years ago

    I love all the 3D stuff, I could watch it for hours. Definitely better than watching TV!

  92. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    LED color mod option added to top of script. :)

  93. luther 4 years ago

    omg…those LEDs. 0_0

  94. randr 4 years ago

    Such a tease! ;) looks so good. Getting excited to try the sucker!

  95. Tom Tower 4 years ago

    this is best best virtual pinball ever IMHO, Dark absolute unbelievable work

  96. goesta 4 years ago

    You guys just made my evening! To see this table in action is a tease! Will grab me a beer and watch it right again :-)
    Great work!!

  97. Drybonz 4 years ago

    That wheel is so cool. When I see this table in action, I can kind of imagine other tables like Time Machine and Dr. Who, etc that have big moving parts looking as good as this. The quality of tables just keeps getting better.

  98. rothbauerw 4 years ago

    This is so much fun. These tables are great and the authors are raising the bar with each new release. Top notch work Dark. Great to have you part of the community.

  99. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Thanks guys, currently we are just adding in sounds, like ball drop, ball rolling, wire ramp and plastic ramp sounds. You can expect a release before Christmas.

  100. TNT2 4 years ago

    Awesome awesome awesome.

  101. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    I’m currently working on optimising the table by combining table plastics into single mesh’s that use single texture maps as per fuzzel’s advice. It should give the table a nice little performance boost so maybe you can up your video settings a notch as a result hopefully. :)

    • randr 4 years ago

      I’ve done that before then I wanted to move stuff and was a pain! :) but is proper way to do it for sure! Great job dark

  102. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Well it’s been fun, but now she done:

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