Setting up Jukebox functionality on the Pincab! Also first test of how the projects feature works here on :)

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  1. Author
    -RpT 5 months ago

    Proof of concept setup (working).

    Startup Process:
    – DOFLinx started with system
    – Popper script for Jukebox:
    – Loads the Jukebox config from INI file
    – INI file calls its effects from modified version of the DOFLinx: Effects rom
    – “Games” are in the form of .m3u playlist
    – “Emulator” is winamp
    – Winamp opens, auto-starts Milkdrop visualisations
    – Button set to advance through the playlist (defined in winamp configuration)

    Shutdown process – Note will attempt refinement
    – Taskill command in script needed to fully close Winamp
    – Taskill command in script also was needed to close DOFlinx as this was getting “stuck” on exit back to popper.
    – Script then re-launches DOFLinx and continues back to popper as normal.

    – Breakaway Audio Enhancer used to get the best possible sound. Runs all the time including other games on the cab. Similar processing tech as radio stations use.

    TO DO:
    – Further testing to see if closedown process can work without Taskkill
    – Refinement of the 5-bar flasher lightshow, improvement then confirm the 5 bar flasher scheme can be looped.
    – Add additional custom MX rainbow effects to lightshow
    – troubleshoot Centre flasher not outputting any of my lighting shows in DOFLinx: Effects rom (although it does work for normal DOFLinx so a problem with this scheme/rom most likely).
    – Bind additional buttons and lighting
    – Decide on undercab lighting
    – Create custom MX text for “Prev”, “Next”, “Pause/Play”, “Vol UP”, “VOL DOWN”, “EXIT”, etc.
    – Potentially look at the best way to have different lightshow per playlist (would be different config INI files called by popper as set in the [CUSTOM] field in games database).
    – Raise request for a bespoke ROM in DOF (clone of DOFLinx: effects) to prevent potential conflict in profiles and to allow for these effects (which would only likely be used for a Jukebox) to not eat up space in the DOFLinx effects profile.

  2. Author
    -RpT 5 months ago

    First attempt recorded. Proof that output fires (except Center Flasher).

  3. hardj 5 months ago

    This looks really cool. Can I suggest you add some sort of casting capability? So the jukebox would show up as a media player from my phone?


    • Author
      -RpT 5 months ago

      Good idea! I think something like Roccat powergrid might be used if you wanted control from a mobile device. It’s using winamp so would just need a way to have that receive hotkeys from the device. For full casting that would depend on if a Winamp plugin exists that does that…

  4. hardj 5 months ago

    Yeah man. I love this project. Let me know if you need a tester.

    • Author
      -RpT 5 months ago

      It’s very much a hacked together series of scripts and whatnot (i mean its using winamp + milkdrop which is well over a decade old at this point). More than happy to show how i have it set at any given time if you want to drop me a PM or help me improve it :)

      My goal is to turn the cab into a music player for when you have visitors etc and just want it to sit there, look pretty, play music from a playlist and with visualization to make the most of the play field (hence the software i went with). Wasn’t planning on adding a UI but your idea of phone control (and possibly a frontend on there) definately interests me.

      A lot of this is packaging it nicely and adding my own lights show, trial and error with the settings, etc… and then will do a tutorial video of how to set it up for people to copy my setup or make changes how they wish!

      Lastly, I’m also waiting for popper 1.4 release before committing to anything as it should have some other features that can be used here.

  5. RustyCardores 5 months ago

    I use KODI as my Jukebox and can cast to it via Apple Airplay. I can also control it from my phone with the Remote App.

    • Author
      -RpT 5 months ago

      Does it have visualization? Interested in hearing details of other setups!

      Also, android user here @:)

      • RustyCardores 5 months ago

        Yes KODI accepts many add-ons and visualisations are available. I run KODI on the backglass and then use Plane9 for visualisations on the playfield.

        I also have a second setup that runs under PinballX and the Plane9 visualisations on the playfield are replaced with an irfanview slideshow.

        I found using Kodi as the Jukebox excellent, as it in effect a full media centre and can do music, video, streaming, visualisations, live TV you name it.

        I have another video somewhere that shows the visualisations on the backglass as well. I’ll see if I can track it down.

        • Author
          -RpT 5 months ago

          Awesome, will definitely look into this! Heard of KODI of course (not that I had much time to dabble with it)… hadn’t considered it for this purpose but seems like it could be a better approach than winamp :)

  6. RustyCardores 5 months ago

    I wrote this ages ago when I did my setup. It might help if you give Kodi a go?

    • Author
      -RpT 5 months ago

      Sweet, cheers – should definitely speed up my initial setup! Downloading Kodi and Plane 9 now for the next file transfer to the cab ^_^

  7. RustyCardores 5 months ago

    I would recommend putting some time into KODI first and learning what it can do and how well it works as a jukebox (especially the “party mode” that builds the playlist automagically for you). Then if you like it, build the other stuff around it to pretty up the other screens and add key mapping for to match your cab. It really is quite configurable and its abilities seem near limitless.

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