My first original table :-) 2 months ago I decided I want to make my own table. I used the Orbital Framework from Scott Wickberg as a start. That framework has most code for Multiball, Multiple players, DOF etc So this original is almost done, some minor things in the script to change. Hope to release it soon to the group :-)

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  1. TXT11 2 months ago

    No enough of Kim on the table !!!! Need more pix !!!

    • Author
      supered 2 months ago

      If I put more of Kim on the table, then you loose your focus on the game :-)

  2. Kellogs 2 months ago

    Looking good so far, heading for the final release :-)

  3. Cley85 2 months ago

    Mannnnn, it’s very original 👌 love the design. Much better than all mod you can find 😍 keep up the good work

  4. Author
    supered 2 months ago

    Almost ready for release 1.0
    Just added 33 soundtracks to the table (not the full songs but loops)
    DOF config ready for public release.

    Because of the soundtracks embedded in the VOX file, it’s now about 500mb in size…….

    Stay tuned

  5. BeachBumTN 2 months ago

    Looking good and really looking forward to playing it as well.

  6. Author
    supered 2 months ago

    I’ll see if I can upload the first public release tonight. I think I now have a good stable version that can be used by the community:-)

    Still, the table was build for my personal satisfaction, so please report bugs and enhancements when released

    Stay tuned

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