I could not find good resources for this table, so most of my effort so far has been in making a vector redraw of the playfield (or at least trying). I think I'm making good progress. I am having to do a bit of guesswork for the placement of things. If anyone has a good scan or images, please share them!

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  1. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    Attached are the playfield image from the existing table, and the first work of the vector redraw (I’m making the changes on top of the original playfield images)

  2. Ben Logan2 3 years ago

    So cool, Scotty. I love your enthusiasm for this stuff. Inspiring. Looking forward to following this thread. Thanks!

  3. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    Thanks Ben! As someone new to all of this, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement. Here’s an update of the playfield vector redraw.

    Current state of vector playfield redraw

  4. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    And… here’s and update of the playfield. Still lots of futzing to do, but I think things are mostly in the right place so I can begin to put the objects (rubbers, bumpers, posts, etc.) in place using Visual Pinball!

    More work on playfield vector redraw

  5. STAT 3 years ago

    Really nice Scott !

  6. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    Here’s the latest.. I think it’s mostly done. My plan now is to start working in VP and putting the parts in place. I still need to do the plastics, too.

    Memory Lane Playfield

  7. randr 3 years ago

    Looks great!

  8. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    I am making good progress in the areas where I have some skills or experience, but am failing with script. The plastcs are coming along nicely, and the lighting and materials are looking cool. However, I keep breaking things in the script (even though I am trying not to change anything and am focusing on keeping things unchanged like the names of all of the lights, bumpers, etc.). Is there someone out there knowledgeable with script that can help? Please let me know.

  9. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    This project isn’t dead! I’ve been focused on other things in life lately, but I was able to find some “daddy time” away from the kids and wife today, so I was able to get back to this project.

    32assassin cleaned up the script for me, but I realized my dimensions were not right, so that created a lot of rework. Pro tip… confirm the dimensions of your table are accurate in VP before building! (in addition to the dimensions of your graphics files).

    I’ll post some new WIP pics and a link to the table. I’m looking for suggestions about physics, properties, etc. and please be as specific as possible — name the component, the settings, etc. (and I’m still new to this so don’t feel that you will offend me by telling me what to click to do it!).

  10. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    Here’s a screenshot in desktop view:


    Many of the graphics are placeholders — for example, the apron and many of the plastics.
    Stuff that needs to get done.

    Yes, that list is practically everything… maybe I have more work that I realize!

  11. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    Here’s a link to the WIP:

    Any helpers out there… please PM me or make fixes and send them to me!

  12. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    I won’t name names until I get approval, but a generous member of our community made some physics improvements! Here’s a link to the updated WIP with these changes:

  13. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    Update: A bit of cleanup on the lower plastics and apron, plus some plastics updates (they have height and material settings)



  14. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    Another update. Tonight I cleaned up the apron graphic, upgraded the middle playfield plastics (they are still missing the lady bowlers but have the basic layout), added a plunger cover, slightly improved the FS view settings, plus a variety of tweaks to the other plastics about dimensions and materials. Pics and playable WIP below:

    WIP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dx01r2hnotf4ki7/MEMORY%20LANE%20E%20-20%20apron%20mroe.vpx?dl=0


  15. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    I’m stuck with physics. After you launch the ball, and it bounces between the top slings (?), it is just very un natural. I’ve looked at other tables that work fine, but those settings don’t help my situation. Can someone take a look and tell me what I am doing wrong?

    Latest WIP:

    Latest Screenshot:

  16. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    OK… I am sick of looking at this table and having it hang over me. It could still use some help, so anyone that can offer improvements please do so!

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