I posted a lot of the progress for this update in the table wip thread but I thought I'd compile it into a project for posterity. If you are not already familiar with my process, what I do is sculpt high poly, high detail sculpts in ZBrush and then make an optimized, low poly version of the model(s) and with the use of projection mapping in 3dsmax and normal bump map projection I'm able to retain the detail of the high poly sculpt in the low poly version. I made the original Frankenstein model in 3dsmax long before normal bump maps were supported in VP, I used the same models as the base for the updates. I had many HD photos from many angles of the Frank head provided by 'The Loafer" which really helped improve the accuracy of the model to it's real life counterpart. I spent many hours trying to match the Frank sculpt to photos in ZBrush, the difficulty is trying to judge how much the image is being warped by perspective and trying to average out the differences between photos....over and over again until satisfied.  

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  1. Sixtoe 9 months ago

    Fascinating stuff, great job :)

  2. 0Cool 9 months ago

    Wow! Excellent job, it’s looks so real! Incredible details, Dark. Verrrrrry nice work. :good:

  3. JR 9 months ago


  4. Thalamus 9 months ago

    Ugly as .. meaning – you’ve done a great re-creation ! ;-) :good:

  5. Peter222 9 months ago

    A masterpiece! This is beautiful… I’m missing the words

  6. randr 9 months ago

    Looks great as usual dark!

  7. g5k 9 months ago

    This hobby is incredibly lucky to have someone like yourself sculpting these toys. It’s not something many artists can do and just makes the tables when they have well detailed toys such as this. Nice one.

  8. Ben Logan2 9 months ago

    Great process description. End product looks great! Thanks to Loafer for supplying pics. Awesome work, Dark.

  9. KrakenByte 9 months ago

    Really very impressive, your work is amazing!!! ?

  10. bietekwiet 9 months ago

    Fantastic work! I can’t wait to see this horrible creature in action in the table ! :)

  11. Subzro53 9 months ago

    Oh Really it would be great one of my favorite real pinball…. great idea !!!!! Good Luck !! :rose:

  12. makmak 9 months ago

    The former owner of my cab sold it to me to get money for a real frankenstein machine…did not know why he was so keen on, as I have never played one…means: really looking forward to this table, especially with such a freakin livelooking Monster!!! Great work!

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