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  1. pincade 1 month ago

    all own built? if so very impressive.

    • Author
      etakeo 1 month ago

      Thanks. Yep everithing done by me. I tried to add some videos, but coulnd’t insert here from YT.

  2. Vizzone 1 month ago

    Excellent my countryman!
    In Takeo we trust :good:

  3. brownsd9 1 month ago

    i am so very new to this, i love pinball, never thought there was this whole culture of vr pinball, and am excited about tables, builds, and all that, def would love to talk to people who build, i need to learn this

  4. JoostProost 1 month ago

    OMG what super neat! All the wires colored like a candy shop all the perfect length. this is very good for my OCD ;)

  5. JoostProost 1 month ago

    Can you tell me something about the Shaker motor? How does that work? I mean, where did you buy it and how does the plastic “dome”(?) work?

    • Author
      etakeo 4 weeks ago

      Thanks. The shaker motor is 24vdc 3600rpm. I bought it from a real store here in Brazil. But you can find many engines like this in online stores around the world. The “dome” is a protection if the pendulum is released from the engine. It was made of 2 mm acrylic and you can use hot air or water to shape it however you want. A glass bottle can be a good tool for shaping it round.

  6. JoostProost 4 weeks ago

    Looks kinda small, can it shake the whole table?

    • Author
      etakeo 4 weeks ago

      I need to decrease the max Intensity of the shaker motor in DOF config tool because it is to much strong.

  7. Gwen 4 weeks ago

    Truly beautiful work Etakeo. Well done!

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