My first dual screen setup vpinball build. I have no idea what Im doing. 32 inch full HD playfield. 21,5 imac backbox. Runs win10, pfx3 steam version, pinballx and vpx + retroarch. diy, valchromat 12mm. Generic (now led) arcade buttons w a zero delay pcb. Easydot vinyl. 3m chromelists. ikea legs for now.

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new VPX pc
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Cirque voltaire
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Nine Ball (Stern 1980) Plastics
Jurassic Park VPX [Completed]
Jurassic Park VPX [Completed]
Gilligan’s Island 3D VPX [Completed]
FSS (Full Single Screen) MODs Volume 1 & 2
Jurassic Park VPX [Completed]
Jurassic Park VPX [Completed]
Memory Lane (Stern 1978)
Joust VPX! [Completed]
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  1. zimbakin 2 months ago

    Looking good man! I like the minimalist joystick layout. Wish I had that now.

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