I´m working on RoadShow. In this album i will upload some pictures of Cinema4d which are rendered with the built in standard engine.

FS preview which is about a month ago. The actual table looks much better but i don´t want to upload another video. Release should be in the next 2-3 weeks.

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  1. topcat 4 years ago

    This looks amazing! how goes the project?

  2. Dark 4 years ago

    Fantastic project! Looks great!

  3. TNT2 4 years ago


  4. Vinthar 4 years ago

    Holly shit, looks amazing!

  5. senseless 4 years ago

    Top notch quality Knorr!

  6. Pinbolt 4 years ago

    Looks so good, can’t wait to play this table.

  7. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    The realism on your latest two WIPs is mind-blowing, Knorr. You’re an amazing artist.

  8. Jodannar 4 years ago

    Look Kids a Taxi Cab- aka an amazing looking WIP. Love this table, its my most played real pin of all time. Broke it repeatedly during university days getting the ball stuck behind Reds head.

  9. bawouait 4 years ago

    :heart: Amazing

  10. HauntFreaks 4 years ago

    lookin good man… lovin’ those shadows ;)

  11. Sliderpoint 4 years ago


  12. boiydiego 4 years ago

    nice work knorr

  13. Ben Logan2 4 years ago


    Just watched the video. Great skills as a player as well as a designer / author!

    You have an amazing talent for lighting, Knorr. I love the way you’re able to use the VPX lighting engine to light up not only the flashers, but the playfield and the sidewalls in a very reliasitic and organic way when the flashers fire. Demo Man is still the finest example of this lighting technique, in my humble opinion. You’re like a painter in this regard!

    Thanks so much for sharing your progress. Can’t wait for this release. My brother and I play the real table at our local pizza / rock and roll venue frequently. The thought of being able to play the VPX version at home is really exciting.

    More and more, VPX vs. Real Pinball is simply a matter of two things I love equally. They’re different, but getting close to being equally fun. Just amazing. So thankful to you amazing developers!


  14. Dodger 4 years ago

    Looks awesome.

  15. Al 4 years ago

    a little bit of wee just came out .. :yahoo:

  16. Jack 4 years ago

    awesome !

  17. rothbauerw 4 years ago

    The game play is looking awesome!

  18. bent98 4 years ago

    i hope your getting close. woot

  19. randr 4 years ago

    I would say he is close! released! looks amazing knorr


  20. randr 4 years ago

    still cannot believe how real this looks! just a super build!

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