I started this table a while back. I just share some pics of the progress...    

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  1. Schreibi34 1 month ago

    Holy shit, Knorr! That looks amazing!

  2. randr 1 month ago

    Looks great as usual knorr! Amazing work

  3. lukpcn 1 month ago


  4. makmak 1 month ago

    Wohoo , great to hear , good choice again!!!

  5. Manbearpig 1 month ago

    nice work!

  6. pinballroo 1 month ago

    looks great!

  7. iDigStuff 1 month ago

    just wow

  8. SG1bsoN 1 month ago

    Looks fantastic! Can’t wait!

  9. cristianosahe 1 month ago

    Muito realista ,ótimo

  10. 0Cool 1 month ago

    Wow! Looks absolutely amazing. Your tables are always in the top of my favorites list, Knorr. WC’94 gets a lot of playing time here and I’m sure SST will as well. Can’t wait. Thanks in advance!

  11. TerryRed 1 month ago

    Wow. Simply gorgeous.

    Everything you do is top class and a work of passion.

  12. lonchaney 1 month ago

    Everything is incredible, even the targets! :heart:

  13. DeathInc 1 month ago

    Wow, that looks really good brother. Wow!!!

  14. mraaron 1 month ago

    absolutely stunning!!! wow!!

  15. ridlar 1 month ago

    Awesome work as usual…can’t wait for it to be ready for release & added to the fav’s.

  16. Vinthar 1 month ago

    Looks stunning, and I expect true masterpiece!

  17. sheltemke 1 month ago

    This will be another masterpiece thats sure. Stunning visuals.

  18. ashleyb 1 month ago


  19. eMBee 1 month ago

    That looks so incredibly awesome!
    My version just got obsolete :yes:

  20. darthwhat 1 month ago

    Looks awesome cant wait! but i have to admit, I thought the super smart bug was a roasting turkey lol, seeing this on a phone screen with a kitchen background and then seeing it again on a computer screen changed my prospective but either way it looks great!

  21. xantari 1 month ago

    @darthwhat It probably tastes like chicken. Everything tastes like chicken. Can’t wait Knorr!

  22. makmak 1 month ago

    Looking at the video I found out two things: 1.youre a master not only at the blender-keyboard obviously, 2. Its def. time for me to get a 4K playfield…
    Most respect to your work and passion; I dont know the real machine and soon I dont need to cause your “simulation” seems like a perfect mirror of reality. Just unbelieveable.
    @embee – guess how many vpinheads are playing your version right now!!!

  23. sheltemke 1 month ago

    eMBee No its not obsolete, your table is fantastic too. Love it so much.

  24. lukpcn 1 month ago

    the vid is just jaw dropping!

  25. kds70 1 month ago

    amazing … breathtaking. thanks for your all effort you put into this stuff.

  26. Major Frenchy 1 month ago

    Fabulous work @knorrex what an amazing table you have built. Love the pictures in the Kitchen too, hahah!

    Thank you my friend,

  27. Major Frenchy 1 month ago

    sorry meant @knorr

  28. vogliadicane 1 month ago

    incredible looks! lol for the bug in the kitchen.

  29. thewool 1 month ago

    Stunning mate!

  30. Naboodiver 1 month ago

    Wow.. The brain bug looks great. I look forward to giving it a go.

  31. Gwen 1 month ago

    Really looking fantastic! Great work as always Knorr =)

  32. Godisnothere 1 month ago

    How is this black MAgik even possible?! :yahoo:

  33. Mrtr32 1 month ago

    Fantastic job!

    Than you very much!! :yahoo:

  34. Author
    Knorr 1 month ago

    Thanks for all the comments and enthusiasm. This table is close to done but will still take some time to get finished because I and clark are a bit busy. I want to wish everyone a merry Xmas and all the best for 2021. Hopefully next year will be better then this one ;).

  35. g5k 4 weeks ago

    Looks incredible mate, beautiful work

  36. ragano 3 weeks ago

    oh my God Knorr this seems real! …thanks to sharing your masterpieces! No doubt …N1!

  37. Blamer 3 weeks ago

    Looks amazing, so looking forward to playing it!

  38. dielated 3 weeks ago

    Omg holy crap that preview video looks amazing. Unbelievable. I so can’t wait either man! :D

  39. Ben Logan2 2 weeks ago

    Fantastic as usual, Knorr. Will Clark be on physics? You two make a great team. Just played your STTNG for about an hour the other day.

  40. teisen 2 weeks ago

    I can’t wait to be able to play this marvel … job very well done, congratulations

  41. the_greeze 1 day ago

    Wow. Looks bloody amazing! :yes: Thank you for your great work(s)… :)

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