Tee’d Off VPX WIP [Completed]

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  1. Al

    Excellent looking playfield ! This had the roulette wheel thingy under it didn’t it ? Never played one, never seen one I don’t think. Looking forward to following this one along.

  2. randr

    Well this is a nice surprise! I noticed this linked on facebook so came to site to check it out….wow it looks great! You should share the tricks you used to do such a great redraw!

  3. Dark

    Wow the way this PF loaded in for me took me back to Netscape days…..lol. Maybe use a slightly lower res version for previews/projects but yeah awesome start to a great project!

  4. Drybonz

    Hey rothbauerw… looking nice so far. If you still need reference images, I wanted to mention this is a table in The Pinball Arcade. You could always open it as a demo table and take some screenshots just to use as reference.

    1. rothbauerw Post author

      I missed this post. I’ll have to check out Craigslist to see if it’s still there. I’m going to go look at one this weekend. They are asking $1300. What do you think is fair?

  5. Joey2001

    And another fantastic table is in progress. You guys have so much skill.
    You are getting better and better. And it’s great to see the collaborations between the table authors.
    I love every of the tables of the last months.