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Nine Ball (Stern 1980) Plastics
Jurassic Park VPX [Completed]
Jurassic Park VPX [Completed]
Gilligan’s Island 3D VPX [Completed]
FSS (Full Single Screen) MODs Volume 1 & 2
Jurassic Park VPX [Completed]
Jurassic Park VPX [Completed]
Memory Lane (Stern 1978)
Joust VPX! [Completed]
FSS (Full Single Screen) MODs Volume 1 & 2
Star Trek TNG WIP
  1. HauntFreaks 1 year ago

    awesome man!!

  2. randr 1 year ago

    Your still the best!

  3. Neofr45 1 year ago

    wow dark again very very great job

  4. Thalamus 1 year ago

    SWEEEEEET ! :good:

  5. Scotty VH 1 year ago

    Awesome! Great to see you’re still around, Dark!

  6. Jesperpark 1 year ago

    Wow, what is this guys workout routine?? I could never looked that jacked eating pizza

    Looks great!!!

  7. Ben Logan2 1 year ago

    Jeez, that’s some incredible work, Dark.

  8. randr 1 year ago

    Why cant we view this in 3d!?

  9. Ben Logan2 11 months ago

    Models look so great in just released table. Thank you, Dark!

  10. Lucas Brinkmeyer 11 months ago


  11. Tony123 6 months ago


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