I've begun work on the toys for The Shadow, I will be making 3d models in this order: the Ring(s), the 'furbas' Daggers, and the 'warriors'.

Resource photos were provided to me by Bord. - Thanks!

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  1. bord 11 months ago

    Really great stuff, Dark. Excited to see these in action!

  2. Sliderpoint 11 months ago

    Yay! Hopefully you have all the pics you need. The pin I took them from has been sold, so I don’t have access to it anymore. Looking forward to all the results. Great stuff as always!

  3. cyberpez 11 months ago

    Only the Shadow knows.

    A guy at one of our other plants has a shadow. He has mentioned he’d be more than happy to take pics of any of his pins in the past. So if you need something hit me up and I’ll see what I can do.

    • Author
      Dark 11 months ago

      I’m pretty good to be honest, the only thing I could use (soon) would be a more square picture of the futar dagger, the best pic I have is a bit off center so the image is a bit skewed, I can work with it but if better ones can be provided without too much trouble….than sure! :)

      A few more pics of the warriors wouldn’t hurt either I guess.

  4. Mussinger 11 months ago

    yes !! !impressive !
    The stone transparency is amazing :good:

  5. takut 11 months ago

    wow, looks great. I always admire your beautiful 3D design :yahoo:

  6. STAT 11 months ago

    Hey dark, i Need one for my wedding … wow !

  7. randr 11 months ago

    Dark my wife needs one too! great work as always :)

  8. bord 11 months ago

    The dagger video was mesmerizing. I’m showing it to my kids tomorrow.

  9. vogliadicane 11 months ago

    wow, super impressive! :good:

  10. bord 10 months ago

    Man, looking incredible. I think you picked the best of the environments to use. Your uv unwrapping skills are top notch, too.

  11. bord 10 months ago

    Re: your start on the warriors.

    You’re a sucker for punishment, Dark. We’re lucky to have you around!

    • Author
      Dark 10 months ago

      Yeah full disclosure I’m feeling pretty lazy past couple of days so I’m kind of dragging my ass getting this going.

  12. STAT 10 months ago

    hell, what are you doing dark … how cool is this with all the parts !

  13. makmak 8 months ago

    These are looking great! Is there a published shadow table with these primitives already?

  14. makmak 5 months ago

    Anyone wants to share his table with these great primitives included with me? I am sorry, but I am not able to ‘just copy & paste’ them. Either direction/height/lighting/size or anything else looks strange when I try. I fear many many others fail as well… What a shame, Bord did so much fantastic work but just a few are able to use it as intended…

  15. makmak 5 months ago

    Sry for mixed up “bord” and “dark”, both are genius…!!

  16. makmak 5 months ago

    I dont believe no one read my comments/begging. So darks work is just pearls before the swine then? What a pity.

  17. bord 5 months ago

    @makmak, I had/have full intention of using these in a project someday but modeling for the game is only half done and not likely to resume for a bit yet.


  18. makmak 5 months ago

    Thx bord! As I said, I really tried to do it myself, but my knowledge about vpx is not sufficient. Too bad there are no somewhat more easy ways to use the editor. Looking forward to your build!!

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