I've begun work on the toys for The Shadow, I will be making 3d models in this order: the Ring(s), the 'furbas' Daggers, and the 'warriors'.

Resource photos were provided to me by Bord. - Thanks! Please stay tuned!    

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  1. bord 4 weeks ago

    Really great stuff, Dark. Excited to see these in action!

  2. Sliderpoint 4 weeks ago

    Yay! Hopefully you have all the pics you need. The pin I took them from has been sold, so I don’t have access to it anymore. Looking forward to all the results. Great stuff as always!

  3. cyberpez 4 weeks ago

    Only the Shadow knows.

    A guy at one of our other plants has a shadow. He has mentioned he’d be more than happy to take pics of any of his pins in the past. So if you need something hit me up and I’ll see what I can do.

    • Author
      Dark 4 weeks ago

      I’m pretty good to be honest, the only thing I could use (soon) would be a more square picture of the futar dagger, the best pic I have is a bit off center so the image is a bit skewed, I can work with it but if better ones can be provided without too much trouble….than sure! :)

      A few more pics of the warriors wouldn’t hurt either I guess.

  4. Mussinger 4 weeks ago

    yes !! !impressive !
    The stone transparency is amazing :good:

  5. takut 3 weeks ago

    wow, looks great. I always admire your beautiful 3D design :yahoo:

  6. STAT 3 weeks ago

    Hey dark, i Need one for my wedding … wow !

  7. randr 3 weeks ago

    Dark my wife needs one too! great work as always :)

  8. bord 2 weeks ago

    The dagger video was mesmerizing. I’m showing it to my kids tomorrow.

  9. vogliadicane 2 weeks ago

    wow, super impressive! :good:

  10. bord 1 week ago

    Man, looking incredible. I think you picked the best of the environments to use. Your uv unwrapping skills are top notch, too.

  11. bord 4 days ago

    Re: your start on the warriors.

    You’re a sucker for punishment, Dark. We’re lucky to have you around!

    • Author
      Dark 4 days ago

      Yeah full disclosure I’m feeling pretty lazy past couple of days so I’m kind of dragging my ass getting this going.

  12. STAT 4 days ago

    hell, what are you doing dark … how cool is this with all the parts !

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