This is my second attempt at a table upgrade from VP8/9 to VP10. Thanks to dboyrecords, bord, randr, and others for the orginal work, graphics, and script help so far.

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Jurassic Park VPX [Completed]
  1. randr 3 years ago

    Yeah was interesting to script the dispaly. Never done it before for the led segments. Table is looking good Scott VH!

  2. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    I think I updated the script the way 32assassin showed me for Meteor, but now the lights don’t work, and I can’t get the desktop elements (TILT, etc.) to work.

    It looks like a big mess right now because I put light IDs that have no known use to see if they ever light up, put the reels and lights for the desktop labels (Tilt, etc.), etc.

    Also, I never did GI — I just put the lights where they need to be and forced them to always be on.

    It seems like a lot, but I think it is almost there!

  3. 32assassin 3 years ago

    the only reason your Display lights did not work, was because you did not copy and past the Display timer from Meteor to your new table.
    without the Display Timer, the code that activates the lights will not work.

    I copied the code and the display timer to your WIP from Meteor, and the lights worked.
    their is a brief explanation on what you need to do in order to get the Display lights to work on the Templates I posted.

    • randr 3 years ago

      32 strange thing really. Reels show on my workstation fine but the led segments dont show ever! I had to go to cab to even see them work. so strange the things that happen with vp and hardware.

  4. Ben Logan2 3 years ago


    I love reading about your development process. Makes fir a great learning experience. Please keep sharing!

  5. Author
    Scotty VH 3 years ago

    It’s posted as a release. There are still some things I will plan to fix for a future release, but it is playable and fun.

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