Hi All,
I am Joost (Proost) a dutch creative director and medior 3d/graphics artist. I am currently working on a original visual pinball table in the Big trouble in little China theme. I am new to the scene (just finished installing VPX and in the proces of building my first cabinet) so all feedback, advise, constructive criticism and help is highly appreciated !

I started of with the concept of the table, that resulted in a 30+ paged document. Which covers the first (ambitious, I know) approach to Design, 5 Modes, 3 ball saves, 3d modeling, audio and Pup Pack video's. Here is the link to the document with all the videos:


Next steps will be getting this into VPX, Playfield layout and coding (read: copying elements from other scripts) which I know nothing about :) But hey! who knows... Let's see where this project will go from here. All help is appreciated: Links to tutorials, script or articles.

Would love to share this table with you guys someday!
- Joost Proost

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  1. sneakily1 4 months ago

    I don’t know the first thing about this movie (never got around to watching it), but your work looks AMAZING! Now I’m gonna HAVE to watch the movie just so I know what all is going on here. Top notch work so far, and great vision!

  2. S0L1DxSNAKE 4 months ago

    Big Trouble is my all time favorite movie. This concept looks amazing. You have nailed the look and feel of the movie in your designs.

  3. Author
    JoostProost 4 months ago

    Wow thx guys that means a lot!

  4. makmak 4 months ago

    I can hardly remember the movie, but your concept looks very promising and well thought so far!
    Good luck with the rules/script – you will need it ;-) (I also had no clue about scripting, but my original table happened to work somehow in the end ;-) (most of the times)

  5. Ronaldvg 4 months ago

    Joost, nice to see someone finally taking on this challenge ! Hope you get it done but I think this community of people is so awesome you will get a lot of help.

    Hoop dat het je gaat lukken, ik duim voor je !!

  6. Gwen 4 months ago

    Wow that really is some fantastic work you are doing! And you chose a great subject for a new table. I can’t want to see how this progresses. =)

  7. Author
    JoostProost 4 months ago

    Ha thx @gwen love your Tesla Cabinet project BTW. Did you finish it? I had somewhat of the same idea a while back and found this after some googling: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/vJYwO Love the brass handles and ornaments. It’s al in the details.

    • Gwen 4 months ago

      Thanks! The Tesla cab is pretty much finished for now, but is any project ever really finished? =)

  8. BazzaLB 4 months ago

    WOW! Fantastic design document. Can tell your a professional in the field :)
    Looking forward to see how this progresses. I was a fan of the movie (I’m old).

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Anjiro76 4 months ago

    GOGOGO for it !! :D

  10. topper-2k 4 months ago

    Fantastic idea! Great cult classic movie and your plan looks excellent.

  11. Gramps 4 months ago

    Hi Joost,

    Wow!!!! I went though the entire presentation and I’m so impressed on how you are planning all this out. Do you have a timeline for completion? I’m dying to play it? We it be for cabinets only or desktop too?

    Thanks for sharing

  12. jabba 4 months ago

    Looks Amazing! Well done and I can’t wait to play it….no doubt will be a Masterpiece!

  13. Author
    JoostProost 4 months ago

    Ha thx for the compliment guys. But Just getting started. The pinball ruleset is the hardest part. Thats where I am struggling at the moment. Good thing this is a tight community with a lot of enthusiasts so help is offered. Hope to keep you all up to date.

  14. cj138 4 months ago

    This looks so awesome already!! One of my favorite movies!!

  15. Stamatis 4 months ago

    This looks AMAZING. I’ve waited so long for this movie to get the Pinball treatment. Loving the work you’ve put in so far. I would be happy to be a beta tester if needed :D.

  16. Holybuhjeezus 4 months ago

    Superb choice for a theme – great images and sound bites. Oh my god, the Jack Burton sound bites!!!!

  17. rivaldo85 3 months ago

    Great movie. I sAw this in the theaters when I was a kid. Know movie by heart. What program are u using to change the real movie pics to cartoon/clip art styles. Which are perfect for pinball. Can’t wait to play table

    • Author
      JoostProost 3 months ago

      Hi @rivaldo85 , The artwork is not mine. I am not an artist I’m more of a designer. And I don’t think this is made an app. I just ran it through After Effects to do the transition from video to the artwork. The font I made miself :)

  18. Siggi 3 months ago

    i love the movie and the concept looks great.
    But this will be a hell of a lot work.
    Believe me.

  19. Author
    JoostProost 3 months ago

    Update: I figured out some of the table mechanics/toys for the ball locks and the final mode with pup pack movie scenes.

    Sword lift Ball Lock: https://youtu.be/Z1kVdiVPqHw
    Moster grab Ball Lock: https://youtu.be/7IH5TST0U3c
    Lo Pan Final Mode: https://youtu.be/NI8SI3l1xXM

  20. Author
    JoostProost 3 months ago

    @siggi Yes I am beginning to get aware of that. Luckily a few members already offered to help out. Because I can use all the help I can get.

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