Here i will show the progress for "World Cup Soccer (Bally 1994)". As always, any help is appreciated. Clark gave me a very nice playfield scan but there are still some points odd. Maybe there is someone out there who wants to help.

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  1. bord 6 months ago

    Great choice for a next project, @knorr! Will be watching with much interest.

  2. randr 6 months ago

    @knorr looking forward to your progress reports on this one. I’m not a soccer fan but this is a very fun table to play for sure. I don’t own one so won’t be any help this time.

  3. Herweh 6 months ago

    I’m a soccer guy. When you need some coding support, I would love to help.

  4. jipeji16 6 months ago

    Wooow Cool @Knorr !!! another jewel is coming !!!! ;) ;) ;)

  5. Ben Logan2 6 months ago

    Awesome news, Knorr. Love your work. Still thoroughly enjoying Cirqus!

  6. Blindpeser 6 months ago

    Did you know that there is a VPX version in existance?

    I love the CV btw! Unfortunately it is pretty demanding and I have a lot of stuttering during multiball in VR. Will there be an update?

    • Author
      Knorr 6 months ago

      Yep I know that there is a vpx version. I think allesio made it? Not quite sure about that. I also know that someone also made some new ramps bit I can’t remember who was it. Anyway, I want to rebuild it from ground up. For know I still search for a perfect pf scan or someone who has the real table. If wouldn’t build a new kitchen at home I would buy the table for myself.

      I believe CV is very well done. The poly count is very low but there is still room to get them lower. So for this there will be for sure a update. But I think this will not solve your problems. Just pm me and we can break it down. Regards, adam

      • vanlion 5 months ago


        When i saw this new WIP i directly sent knorr a p.m. if hé wants to use my models, Ramps and ball.

        So a few seconds ago i sent all my stuff after his replyt. Maybe usable, maybe not otherwise a little help as research ;-)

        I built everything from an old blue print and a lot of photo’s with some help of flupper. But it’s more then a year ago now.

        Happy that you picked up this one It is in good hands!

        Take your time and good luck

  7. Ben Logan2 6 months ago

    All your builds are extra special, Knorr. Multiple versions of VPX tables are more than welcome, imo. Love experiencing different authors’ takes.

  8. Blindpeser 6 months ago

    Just wanted to make sure that you aware of the other version. Maybe you are allowed to use some of the images, so you could save some time. Cant wait for your version!

  9. naeromagus 6 months ago

    Really excited to hear this knorr. I am thankful for the table that Is currently available for Wcs94. But It can definitely use a update/overhaul to vpx 6.0 especially with the fine details that you place in your work. With all of your previous releases I know that this will be a welcome addition to many Vp players. :)

  10. Bob Albright 5 months ago

    Yay… bring it on!

  11. VPinKrusty 5 months ago

    Ohhhhh how cooool is that! I loved the original pinball machine. And I still ove to play WCS94 on my vpin cab. This work will be a wonderfull addition to the vpin world! I wish you all the best on this job.

  12. STAT 5 months ago

    Yes, the first Release was on MBPC Page from Alessio, i have to say: a nice VPX Version ( he also made Spiderman Vault, … ).
    Thanks i.a. Knorr …

  13. knightrider 5 months ago

    Isn’t the goal too wide compared to the real table? Or is it just stretched on a 43″?

  14. Scooby 4 months ago

    Just saw this post and I too am excited for your version of this table, Knorr. Your CV and South Park get a lot of play here. Thanks for all you do for the community!

  15. Micke 3 months ago

    Looking forward to this.
    Your tables are Fantastic.

  16. 0Cool 3 months ago

    You are a master, Knorr! Lot’s of great times passed playing your wonderful tables so far. Wcs94 was always one of my favorites in the arcades. Thanks for all of your hard work so far! Cheers!!

  17. Blompottan 3 months ago

    Nice pick! Another masterpiece in the makings. Thanks Knorr!

  18. sheltemke 1 month ago

    That progress picture in Cinema4d looks stunning Knorr :) Thank you so much for sharing the progress!

  19. Ilyes31 1 month ago

    My favorite table!! I can’t wait to see your version. Thank you for your amazing work!!!

  20. sleeperninja 1 month ago

    The wife loves to play this at a local hourly arcade. She’s really going to flip.

  21. 0Cool 1 month ago

    This looks sensational already, Knorr! Incredible detail, again!! Can’t wait to play this in my cab. Cheers for your hard work so far!!

  22. Suby 2 weeks ago

    Hello, i can’t wait to see this fantastic work :) Any news ?

    • sheltemke 2 weeks ago

      Hello Suby!

      Check the main post, there is a new screenshot there from knorr :)

      Knorr: Omg man…totally blowed my mind….What a beauty.

  23. vanlion 2 weeks ago

    Looks amazing Knorr real good job. Don’t forget the screw on top of the ball ;-)

    This table is in good hands :-)

  24. Blompottan 2 weeks ago

    Wow Knorr! Love the detail and lighting.

  25. Mark70 2 weeks ago

    This looks gorgeous!

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