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  1. randr 4 years ago


  2. topcat 4 years ago

    So your sculptris user now? hmmm…

  3. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    @topcat I did use sculptris previously but now I’m learning ZBrush.

  4. Sliderpoint 4 years ago

    That is really cool to watch it take shape.

  5. randr 4 years ago

    Jeez that looks like the real deal! Wow!

  6. Jim Martin 4 years ago

    Outstanding! looking really good so far

  7. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Thanks guys, I’ll be posting regular progress pics until it’s done so stay tuned! :)

    Thanks again for the resources Jim, couldn’t of done it with out them.

  8. randr 4 years ago

    nice update! looking real good! texture a pain?

  9. edizzle 4 years ago

    Dark….never ceases to amaze. Beautiful stuff. Keep it up! And Randr, I love the website and how you have highlighted so many aspects of VP. it is great stuff!

  10. randr 4 years ago

    thanks @edizzle i do try :good:

  11. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    Dark — Your models keep getting better and better. Thanks so much. Totally enjoy following your progress.

  12. randr 4 years ago


  13. Sliderpoint 4 years ago

    Yay color!

  14. Sliderpoint 4 years ago

    Ok, that is a badass tool! Looking amazing!

  15. randr 4 years ago

    yeah thats NUTS! will we see detail in vp?

  16. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    Obviously won’t look as good as it does in Zbrush after all the optimising but it ends up retaining a lot of detail with the normal map. See the latest pics.

  17. randr 4 years ago

    Well it looks great! And will be future proof in vp11! :bye:

  18. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    Amazing texturing and coloring. Super cool looking!

  19. Jim Martin 4 years ago

    Great job! very well done


  20. Ben Logan2 4 years ago

    Played X-Files for hours tonight, Dark. Your models really bring some amazing realism and plenty of fun to the table. It’s so cool to see the VP10 lighting engine light up the amazing textures. Very beautiful. I think even H.R. Giger would approve! Thanks for your artistry and expertise. Our community is so lucky to have you!

  21. randr 4 years ago

    Agreed whole table looks great! Models fit in perfectly. Great work for sure

  22. senseless 4 years ago

    Couldn’t agree more, really beautifully sculptured. Great work!

  23. randr 4 years ago

    This is now impressive project page. love the 3d view!

  24. Author
    Dark 4 years ago

    I guess this means I’ll have to put some time aside to put my BOP helmet on sketchfab too! :P

  25. Mark70 4 years ago


  26. randr 3 years ago

    just looking through this again… really is nice work!

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