Reply To: Monster Bash VPX wip


    Really enjoying this table. Will surely be great when finished. Thanks for the FS settings Clark I think they look good. A couple things I have noticed. Plunge almost always goes to first lane. Drac does not mesmerize me with his semi-circular movement; he just goes back in to his coffin. I had the ball go backwards down the right ramp after hitting it under Frank (instead of normal path it takes it went back and to the right and down the metal ramp not the wire ramp). This probably had to do with crazy ball spin pulling it the other direction. Table plays good for me with reflections enabled and with either no vsync or vsync set to 120. If I set vsync to 1 and play without the dmd showing I don’t think my fps ever dropped below 60 and played great. As soon as I played with dmd showing is when I get fps dropping randomly to 30. I think that is accurate.


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