Reply To: The Walking Dead PRO Physmod5 WIP

    Has nothing to do with the .exes being in the same folder. I had the same kind of thing happen about a year ago with a couple of tables, but I didn’t have any flippers at all, they just weren’t there on the table, just holes where they would go. I never figured out the problem (on of the tables was Red and Ted’s Road Show on VP9), just thought it had to do with out of date vbs, a bad .exe or who knows. Read my post above and ask the people around here for the newest links. TWD table runs smooth, no issues what so ever. I use gtxjoe’s FS and rocknroll’s DT versions. Good luck, let me know what the problem was when you get it up and running. Search this site (Vpinball), VPuniverse and vpforums for all the new stuff. You’re running everything as Admin, right?



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