Reply To: LOTR (Stern 2003) VPX WIP


    Thanks for updating this boss. Before I get into the gameplay I have a few tips on the build here. First thing, make all the plastic primitives dynamic, make sure the material on them has an active opacity and set it to .999
    set the GI lights to have a transmission, for transmit set it to like .10 or .15 and tweak it from there, that will give the table a bit more lighting.
    Also the lower lane/flipper guide plastics seem to be duplicated so on my PC they interfere with eachother visually. Delete one set and you’re fine. I made “Plastic with an image3” material active since you had some plastics with this, then I needed to change the Balrog to a different, non-active material to keep him from lighting up like a christmas tree. You could probably just change the material of the plastics instead and avoid this.
    I’ll be playing some pinball this week so if I see anything else I’ll let you know! There’s some slow down with collidable primitives that I’ll try and document if its really noticeable. Aside from that suggestion I think it’s playing great right now.

    Fren, Thank you for the advice! I will work on getting those all cleaned up once I get this ring working better. I’ve actually enjoyed messing with it because it’s helping me understand how the script really works. Again, also want to thank you for the video tutorials you posted. I would’ve probably never even attempted to do any of this. Also, thanks for helping find the bugs/issues!


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