Reply To: The Machine – Bride Of Pinbot (Williams 1991)


    Yeah. I know there are a few updated tables. I decided that I’ll stop updating them after I was in sync with what I had originally posted or it would become a never ending project. And, of course, lack of feedback was a contributing factor too. There is still tables being made, totally ignoring SSF and FF. Added Dolly Parton 1.0.2 for you though, but, be aware. You have to add a second copy of fx_Solenoid as fx_solenoid2 and move that sound to where sw24 is placed or revert line 115 to fx_solenoid again. IF you don’t care about SSF. This is also a reason why I stopped where I did. Now I’m improving them beyond just the script.

    A bit surprised about Elvis though. Don’t believe I even touched that table. When you find something. I would love to hear about it or better, get a update.

    I’ll take some notes and post in a new thread. Should not take this one further off-track. Thanks.


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