Reply To: Star Trek Pro (Stern 2013) (VPX Beta 2233+)


    I did notice the Skill shot where you hold up the left flipper for ball launch and do a hard plunge the let the ball go all the way around and down to the left flipper does not seem to work. The post is always up and stopping the ball from going around. I would think the game code would handle that so maybe it is just me right now .

    Not Fren’s fault. That post/gate is controlled by solenoid/Coil #51 which apparently isn’t emulated in VPM currently; you can go into the test menu and activate it like crazy and nothing happens (as in, if you’re looking at the diagnostic stuff via ShowDMDOnly = 0, nothing happens when you activate that coil). Same goes for shooting the left orbit; that’s coil #52. Although… if they do ever support it, then Fren would have to update the code since there’s nothing in there currently for SolCallback(51) ;-).


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