Reply To: Elvis (Unity Engine ) beta test is ready

Ian Pretorius

    Hi Again

    New files are uploaded.

    • Big change in the physics. Im not sure how this will work on all other computers but it works great on mine. In the end for best results I really had to push the amount of calculations spent on physics super high!

    I had the odd occasion of the ball missing colliders , Im hoping this is no longer an issue, so far so good but also I did not like some aspects of the old physics in general.

    The ball has much more weight now , the table plays alot faster. I really noticed the problem with the older physics on the right orbit shot, before no matter how hard and correct you made that shot the ball never traveled all the way to the top saucer. This is just one observation but obviously it means everything was not quite as correct as it could be. The new physics solves all of this. Of coarse now that I changed some core physics values I had to change settings on everything again. This actually brought me to realize the top control gate had no purpose with the previous physics, the ball was never fast enough to even need it.. and it was not really working anyway. I got this working now but its not perfect yet. Some times the emulation misses the magnet activation. I may need to adjust the bounce on the flippers back up a bit but I left it as is to get other stuff done. With the new speed of play increased I noticed my left ramps exit didnt narrow down enough like on the real table which reduces the ball speed to make the hotel shots easier. I just added in some invisible colliders to get it a bit reduced but Will look into it at some point for a next release.

    • Lighting is improved , small bit of extra overhead but much better. This has to do with updating the environment and reflection probes with the tables general GI changes.

    For weaker machines I will add a toggle to switch off dynamic shadows in the next release , if you currently decrease the directional light to zero you will notice you can get double the frame rate. I could use some baked lighting but had some concerns with it .. maybe if I upgrade to a newer version of unity this might become usable, so If real time shadows are disabled I will fall back to baked lighting ( on static objects only obviously )

    • Extra sounds on table and code redone on the backend to support exposing them to the menu system

    • Menu system enhanced, additional slider and preset buttons. Audio controls coming soon

    • Ao map on the playfield

    • Objects added to hotel roof

    (remember m key is for menu)

    feedback welcome as always :)


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