Reply To: Bram Stoker's Dracula (ICPjuggla & Dozer316) wip


    i think peoples “jokes” are often taken far more serious then what was intended as its like text message conversation where you cant see or hear the tone of voice or the body language behind the words and being that we all think we are clever as shit and type messages in a facetious nature and unfortunately there are so many dumnb ass motherfuckers on the internet trolling the shit out of people who provide us these awesome recreations for little or no thanks and definitely no monetary gain or fame or fortune that when they come across one of these sarcastic quips intended to make them laugh by mocking the 5 idiotic posts before it talking about the table is too dark that it ends up reading almost identical to the idiot troll posts and is interpeted as one more of the same…..Juggalo you do amazing work man dont let any of these assholes tell you otherwise and if you feel the need to put giant faygo bottles in place of flippers that its your work to do so with and they can fuck off if they dont like it, i for one would be really bummed to stop seeing new content from you and in that regard im sure many others feel the same way. -nate


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