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    Well after those two idiots were killed (before they started the zombie attack) not a single person was hurt killing all those zombies. It sets a precedent I don’t think they’re really ready to deal with – a group of 40 people could likely kill thousands of zombies without dying, now where’s the drama in that? To be fair, up until this point, people seemed to be dying at the hands of zombies in very very stupid ways (it got to the point where apparently the most dramatic way to die was to lose your shit and just let the zombies kill you without fighting back – the idiot on the dumpster with Glen, the slow idiot at the fence, the blonde idiot who nearly died, the idiot kid, it was exhausting to watch so many stupid people do stupid things), but that doesn’t mean they had to take it to the opposite extreme so quickly.

    I’m not particularly a fan of the show, I only watch it because my wife does, so when they do something really dumb it’s easy for me to say forget this and ignore it for a while. Last season was a shining example of meh. They seem to be off more often than they’re on.

    Punch it!

    Punch it!


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