Reply To: The Walking Dead (ICPjuggla & freneticamnesic) wip


    I second the 28 days later comment; those were infected people (rather than reanimated corpses), so still had full use of their senses and didn’t have decomposed muscles/damaged brains to hamper them ; so could run.(but were kind of zombies in the sense that they didn’t really have any cognitive control)

    If I remember correctly, the first couple of episodes of TWD had a mix of running and shuffling zombies, then they just settled on Romero style zombies (but tbh, most looked a bit crap).

    I’m a huge Romero fan,so a big shout out to the guy from Pitsburgh (I’m from the U.K and have yet to visit the states, but would love to visit the mall from DOTD).

    As far as the “rules” in TWD, as I understand it from both the comic and the tv show, everyone is infected somehow (but never explained ; must be in the water), so if you die naturally with your brain in tact, you become a roamer.

    If you get bitten on the arm for example, you will die quicker (bit like the difference between having AIDS and HIV maybe?), but if you can amputate the relevant limb quick enough, you can stop the “AIDS” spreading to your whole body.

    Wait, is the metaphor for the whole show about AIDS?…

    Anyway, as a long time reader of the comic (even though now my interest is waning), I’m hoping that the show doesn’t lose popularity before I get the chance to finish selling off my comics (last year I sold the first issue for about £750 it I remember correctly).

    I am interested to see if Negan is as good a character in the tv show as the comic ; let’s see.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to playing the Vpx ver. of the table.
    So glad the table authors are taking the time to make it as good as possible ; much better than releasing a half assed version.

    P.s: I just though; it’d be cool if the world in The Walking Dead had basically been infected by a virus which had been dropped in to Coke….


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