I was was having the slow/sluggish issues with this puppack like others mentioned.  I’ve had no issues with other puppacks, however.  I tried re-scaling the images to 720p but the problem persisted.  I change the vsync and max pre-rendered frames to 1 but the problem was still occurring.  When I manually played videos, they’d play for a few seconds and freeze then I’d only get sound.  When I played them on the playfield they played with no issues.

The only thing that I found that got things working perfectly was changing the color depth of the backglass monitor to 16 bit.  It was originally at 32 bit.

Another thing I found was no matter what settings I have for color depth, if I left the dmd on the playfield while testing, I had sluggish performance.  After moving to the dmd screen, everything worked perfectly.

Hopefully this will help others who are experiencing this issue.

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