Not seeing videos when the game is launched via PinUpMenu.

I’m a single screen user. I’m using 32assassin’s version of the vpx file, the potc_600as.zip rom, and the potc_600as pup-pack files with no adjustments to the 3 pup files.  Also, I haven’t added pupinit.bat nor PinUpPlayer.ini since the videos play fine without them.

When I launch the game by clicking on the vpx file, I wait 20 to 30 seconds for everything to load and once I see the backglass video go to the “Play the game” video, I’m good to go.  Focus is on the playfield and I can add coins without the videos going behind the playfield.

However, when I use the PinUpMenu to launch, I’ll wait the same amount of time, I’ll hear the “Play the game” video but I see the following instead (see image below): no topper video and no backglass video.  Any ideas?  Do I need to make an adjustment for the pinup frontend?



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