Ok, I think I got this sorted, but not sure why it works. I have a feeling it has to do with the way certain WAV files in the embedded table file were encoded (mono vs. stereo) for the BACKGLASS output. I went back to my Windows Audio settings and disabled all audio source devices for the monitors, leaving just my external USB 7.1 device (Analog & Digital). I posted an image (2 posts above) of my VPX audio settings that reflects all the “extra” audio sources being active. Analog/Speakers are still set as the default output. I opened EQAPO and got confused, and didn’t touch it (my initial thought was that I needed to merge/re-route/Copy the center channel to the Left & Right Channels). In Windows, my Center Speaker is still disabled. I re-unzipped the VPX into my tables folder to start anew. The VBS script is there as well for it to side-car on launch. The only thing I really ended-up changing was my VPX audio settings (picture below). I simply set the General Audio settings to ‘Primary’. That’s all. Not sure why this worked. Started-up the table and I now get all the correct sounds coming from the correct speaker channels. I also went through many other installed tables to ensure I didn’t mess anything up during the process. I did notice some “audio creep” through the SSF speakers (I am currently at the beginning of my cabinet build, so I am using temporary audio speakers for FRONT, SURROUND and REAR — I hope the echoing/phantoming audio will go away once I get my exciters installed). Here is the image of how it is now set up:


Thanks Franck for your generous time in trying to help me.

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