1. Skitso wrote:

@Knorr @ClarkKent, after trying this out, it’s even more glorious than in the screenshots. Simply amazing, amazing talent!

On the negative side, this table puts my GTX1070 to it’s knees like nothing else on Vpinball. I’m playing @ 165hz and in certain situations my fps drops as low as 120 and the fluctuating frame rate makes the game seem jerky and not so fun to play. Disabling AA has a small effect, but no where near enough. I also tried to resize some textures to half the size and set some primitives to static rendering, but the performance issues doesn’t seem to be connected that much to GFX and the general structure how the table is built seems quite optimized and efficient. Any ideas how to smooth the performance on this? Could it be something on the script/code side?

So if your are on Windows 10 you must deactivate some virus search thing. Please take a look at the circus Voltaire support thread. There were some similar issues. Please report back.

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