Yeah, definetly looking great! I just hope that Toxie and Fuzzel don’t feel like they are placed in the backseat. Or even worse give up on improving VP! I hope freezy and the devs are talking to each other in a good way!

I believe the goal of that project is to port everything back into VPX so it’s not abandoning anything, just making it easier from an authors perspective. To that end I still think VPX is unparalleled in it’s physics, so in no way am I dumping on the work any of the devs here have done. I would hope praising the efforts to improve on one of the few shortcomings of VPX (lack of 3d view or bridge to 3d platform applications) is not seen as a slight or stepping on anyone’s toes, but rather a testament to the software’s longevity and wanting to build upon and modernize. :-)

I certainly hope that’s not the goal.  I certainly don’t see the need for a 3d editor to put 2D images back into something that doesn’t support 3d lighting/rendering and never will. vp11 may if they continue that way, vp10 (also known as vpx) won’t. The biggest shortcoming in VPX is lack of realistic lighting. period. 3d view, 3d editor, meh, while both would be nice are of lessor importance but do come along with moving to unity.  Everything good in vpx can be put into unity, certainly can’t go the other way, don’t know why you would want to.  as far as making it easier for authors/builders, I guess that depends on the builder, those that know unity and C-whatever will be ahead, the rest of us will have a hell of a learning curve.  This will abandon vpx the same way vpx abandoned vp9, and rightfully so.  And this certainly isn’t meant to step on anyones toes either, toxie and fuzzel know better than anyone the shortcomings of vpx.

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